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Yes, I have recovered from my bouts of depression. It's the school, I tell you.

Saw Saiyuki again today. My God, the shounen-ai written all over. Sanzo broke Goku's heart, then Homura steps in (I swear that guy has an unhealthy obssession for Goku) chains him to a wall and LITERALLY closes in on him. Their lips were nearly touching. Then the goku angst was making me cry.

In the next episode, Goku gave Sanzo flowers! And called him beautiful and like the
Sun. Then he pulled out some of Sanzo's hair. Needless to say, Sanzo was NOT pleased. But he kept the flowers and kept on looking at them. ^_ How sweet.

Got the Showdown of Fate from KH. Very hinty.

Cloud: I have been waiting for you.
Sephiroth: I've been searching for you too.
Cloud: Because of you, I cannot escape the nightmare. You are my darkness.
Sephiroth: Then embrace the darkness and relinquish the light.

At this part, I thought Cloud would run into his arms, saying "Sephy-kun!!!!"

Sephy-kun: O__O



Here are the future Bladebrakers lives (Kai/Rei may not like this though...) as shown by Aoki Takao.

Tyson: has a son named Matoko
Kai: a son named Gou
Rei: marries Mariah and has a daughter named Ling.
Daichi: Becomes the next Jazzman ^____________^
Kenny: Top researcher.
Max: Has his own Beyblade institute

Ja ne!
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