water seeping

where are we?

Three Orientations in a row. WTF UBCO.

High-speed intarweb is a GO! Also, I can stop feeling guilty about downloading stuff. The joys of campus!

Met a few people. Lies. Met a lot of people. Two UWCSEA people. One being Haa Wook from my economics class. So much for avoiding school mates. But I made a lot of friends! I think.

So utterly zapped and I still need to unpack. The single room I have is rather small, but can become homey in time. Also, they stuck comic characters in front of everyone's room. I got Wonder Woman. I was touched. Also, people here are really nice and helpful!

Can't think of much to say other than SO TIRED SLEEP and I've got a Pizza party in the night to go to. SIGH.
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