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Hello my fellow....

BB Cast: Friends?

Yeah, something like that.

Tyson: So you updated AA?

Yup. Worked some bit on the tenth chappie, then worked on my dear dying Zelda fic. Which I really liked btw...

Kai: And here I thought you were Saiyuki-crazy...

I am! Sanzo and Goku pairing is a wonder. And such lovely angst. I had to stop myself form crying!

Rei: So are you going to try and find that book?

You mean, that Darren Shan trilogy which I nearly finished, but was called back to school?

Rei: -___- That one.

I can't find it here.....I'll just have to wait...

BB Cast: O__O For five months?!

Well, there's nothing I can do about it...

Tyson: *looks at avatar* I thought you were a fan of Ban x Ginji....

I am. But the only avatars of Get Backers I could find was of Akabane x Ginji.

Kai: They're not bad actually....

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