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fic - shoutatoppicitus

(because I'm going to hell anyway, so why stop now?)

Haimish checked the thermometer, "Sir, it's quite bad."

"Son, quit to the chase and tell me what I have," Mr. Moss said dangerously, adjusting his hat.

"Yes, Mr. Moss, sir," Haimish double-checks, "You have shoutatoppicitus."

"The hell is that, Haimish."

"It's the inability to top younger boys, sir.  It slowly leads to obseshun!" Haimish said, lowering his voice dramatically.

"That's ridiculous Haimish," Mr. Moss grunted, "There's no such thing--,"

"The Dark Ace has it!" Chimed another guard, "I heard after he got beat by the Chicken Hawks or something like that, he fell ill or something!"

"Feh," Mr. Moss scoffed heavily, "There's no way some kid is going to make a fool of me anyway."




"Dark Ace, sir, your slash doujinshi have arrived."

He discreetly snatched it from the guard and hissed, "Not so loud fool!"

He takes another look at the guard and notices that he's carrying another bundle, "Who is that one for?"

"For Mr. Moss, sir."


"Apparently, after some jail-break by a fourteen year old kid, he developed an extreme case of shoutatoppicitus, sir."

"....Did this kid have red hair and a rodent?" the Dark Ace said slowly in disbelief.

"Wow, sir, how did you know?"

The walls of Cyclonia shook with rage. Master Cyclonis paused, sighed and resumed work as usual.

(I-I had no other way of expressing my love for episode 16 of Storm Hawks, okay?)
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