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MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!!11!! oh wait...

So, according to fandom -

  • Aerrow's parents are dead!!1111!!
  • Aerrow has a sister! Older, younger, twin. Who knew?
  • Aerrow was in love with a princess (....yeah. this one made me wtf)
  • Master Cyclonis wants Aerrow all to herself (....again. wtf)
  • Finn rapes Aerrow (....s-sob)
  • Aerrow gets kidnapped a lot. A LOT.
  • Aerrow has a mysterious past! (okay, I totally sympathize with this angle because so far, the only character WITH A PAST is Junko. And Starling. T__T)
  • Aerrow has some crystal with UNIMAGINABLE POWERS GASP.
  • Aerrow tops everyone (hahaahaha I LOVED THIS FIC)
  • Piper gets kidnapped! A LOT. Of course Aerrow has to go save her.
  • The Dark Ace is Aerrow's father. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.
Y-Yeah. I'm loving the crazy things fandom is coming up with. But there have been some decent fic! JUST NEEDS MORE.
Tags: hee, the sky is never the limit

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