water seeping

oh cfud

First of all, I'd like to say

  1. I'm not cute. :/
  2. Virgil is  not Speed's boytoy (though why is it that we flirt EVERYTIME we thread? I-It boggles my mind)
  3. not the Virgin Shocker damn you Gremommy.
  4. not a Virgirl either. damn u michi

Edit - ahahaaha OMG.

Edit 2 - THIS IS A CONSPIRACY. Why does the world insist that I'm cute?! 
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Correction! You are cute, and Virgil really is the Virgin Shocker. Also, flirting somuch iyaaaa sobold!
If my experiences are anything to go by, telling people that you're not "cute" will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deter them from thinking that you're cute and fluffy. In fact, it seems to encourage them. Any protests to the contrary are also deemed "cute".