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snippet - of what's to come

"Thissss," Repton hissed acidly, "is all your fault."

Starling doesn't even bat an eyelid, "Yes, you're right. Because I'm the one with the sloppy driving that sent both our vehicles crashing into the nearest uninhabited Terra and knocked out our communications."

Repton bit back a furious response and sulked in the corner, "I still say it's your fault."

"Keep saying it," Starling said coolly, "After a while, you might actually believe it."

Repton snorts and brushes some dirt off his legs, "Well, no matter. My raptors will be here soon."

"Not if the Storm Hawks get here first," Starling reminds him, "Then what?"

Repton gave her a smug glance, "You sound so hopeful. Why would they care? You're not a Storm Hawk, you're an Interceptor."

Starling paused, the few seconds of doubt clouding her judgment.

"You know, you're always welcome to join the team."

"I know."

"I know," Starling repeated, "I am an Interceptor. But we're Sky Knights. So it doesn't matter so much."

Repton said nothing. He had already forgotten her.
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