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Episode 22 - Talon Academy

The Cyclonians try a more subtle approach to villainy, actively advertising the "fun life" that is being a Talon. The Storm Hawks set out to stop their plan by posing as students at the Talon Academy.

AKA - where Storm Hawks becomes a high school AU. I have this image in my head where Aerrow goes, "Yes, Dark Ace-sensei!".

Also, episode 21 - The Storm Hawks Seven IS GOING TO BE THE MOST AWESOME EPISODE EVER dhaslfdkhsldkfjhasdlfk STARLING OMG STARLING. Starling hinted as part of the Storm Hawks is beyond awesome.

I'm back from my Vancouver trip! It was fun, wet, fun and I met Michi and Relja. Both good things. In a much better mood than last week.
Tags: hee, the sky is never the limit, zomg

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