water seeping

snippet fic - godless

"Fancy meeting you here," Spike drawled, taking a long drag of his cigarette, "...Vicious."

Vicious paused, his heels clicking on the smooth marble floor, "Why are you here, Spike?"

"I'm here to stop you from doing something stupid," Spike said, stubbing the cigarette against the wall, "Like joining the army."

Vicious snorted, "Like you care."

"Don't give me that crap Vicious," Spike snarled, "I want a reason. Now."

Vicious smirked and turned away, "Remember your bedtime stories, Spike?"

Spike rolled his eyes, "Unfortunately. Mao only repeated them a thousand times," he cleaned his ear with his index finger and flicked some imaginary dirt off his clothes, "What about them?"

"This'll make me strong," Vicious said, "Like a heavenly war."

"You always did care too much for that garbage," Spike muttered, "There's no heaven on Titan."

"I'm going anyway," Vicious said, "Take care of things here."

"Like you care," Spike said, throwing Vicious' words back at him, "Just don't come back dead."

Vicious fingered his katana by his side and smirked, "I wouldn't worry about that, Spike."

Spike's eyes softened slightly as Vicious walked away, "You're right. But I worry anyway," he frowned and ran a frustrated hand through his hair, "Damnit, when did I become such a sap?"
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