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this deserves its own post stfu

Before joining the Cyclonians, the Dark Ace's position within the Storm Hawks was much like Radarr's: he hung on to the back of the leader's Skimmer then took over piloting while the leader fought from the wing.

I-I love the Storm Hawks wiki page. Also LOL DARK ACE. LOL.
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I need to check that page out now. I wonder what the Dark Ace's real name was. Er, provided it's not actually Dark Ace, that is.
they haven't told us yet. Frankly, if his real name is "Ace" I will in fact, start crying.
Did you know 'Ace' can mean >> 'a fighter pilot credited with destroying a prescribed number or more of enemy aircraft, usually five, in combat.', 'a very skilled person; expert; adept', 'a close friend', 'a very small quantity, amount, or degree; a particle', 'a grade of A; the highest grade or score', 'to cheat, defraud, or take advantage of' ,' to be highly regarded', and 'the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number'.

Maybe that's what they were thinking when they gave him the title, (as he's called '*The* Dark Ace'.
I have nothing against the name other than the fact he went Ace -> THE DARK ACE. T-The transition there terrifies. I MEAN. IT LOOKS KINDA DUMB. :/

^^ True. But with the way the show's going they probly will never say. And if they do, 60 over 100 says it's a bird name or relating to one. XD;
Corvus (Crow), Corax (Raven), Regulus (Goldcrest), Philomelos (refers to 'Nightingale' meaning 'Darkness - loving'), Waxwing (Chattering Silk-Tail), Swallow (self-explainitory), Alauda arvensis (Sky Lark), Knot, Ruff, Gull, Curlew, Godwit, Plover, Merlin, Peregrine, Falco, Quail, Pheasant, kestrel, Aquila, Accipiter (Hawk), heron,Gannet, Hydrobates (Storm),Fulmar, Gavia (Diver)

Blah..@@ Too many possible names...