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this is a music post to distract you from my emo HOWEVER DID YOU GUESS


So, I have a creative writing piece to complete by Saturday midnight. The formats I can use is either a play, a screenplay or a creative non-fiction piece. The only problem with this is.
1) I suck at plays. SO MUCH.
2) I suck at screen plays more
3) I'm wary at sharing personal details with the class.

To be fair, there have been some pretty not nice non-fictional pieces workshopped in class. But the only piece I can myself writing is the time when I was six or seven and my dad tried to beat me with a slipper. And well. I don't know how emotionally uninvolved I would be with that piece.  :/ But I can't think of cool things to write WOES.

The Portal Song - Still Alive

The lyrics for this song omg. It is pretty and nice and the lyrics will make me smile in a very wtf awesome way.

Shikata Akiko - Phantasmagoria
I don't care much for the game Ar-Tonelico, but the music is so pretty. Shikata Akiko blends a very choral sense into the words with the chanting style that Xenosaga is famous for.

Tsukiko Amano - Koe
If you love Chihiro Onitsuka's Infection, you will love this.

Koji Kondo - Don't Want You No More
The medley in the Twilight Princess trailers. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO DOWNLOAD IT.

Priscilla Ahn - Dream
She's not Tori Amos, but I love her anyway. She has that dreamy breathless quality that leaves you aching for more.

Hair the Musical - Hair
It's all about a bunch of guys. Singing about their awesome hair. IT'S BRILLIANT.

America - The Last Unicorn (acoustic)
It's the acoustic version of the opening song. It is pretty and makes me happy.

Elton John - Someday out of the Blue
I call this Virgil and Richie's theme song. Also, the Road of El  Dorado has an awesome soundtrack.

Immediate Music - Serenata (choir)
EPIC CHORAL MUSIC GOES HERE. I like Immediate music

Belleruche - Minor Swing
do you like to swing~ It's got a nice upkeep beat and the vocals are oh so sexy.
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Saving it to listen to when it's not 2 hours past midnight.

Have you ever heard E.S. Posthumus's work? Their choral stuff is WOW.

. . . and oooooh music. I'll definitely snag the swing song, at least.
... I am just somewhat amused at Koji Kondo making a song called "Don't want you no more." XDb
XD Yay. More music. Download and add to ipod! ^^ You save my life walking to and from school.

(Added something to the Storm Hawks music thing you did too. XD - It fit better over there)