water seeping

ahahahaha WHUT

I knew I loved my little cousin for a reason.

Cousin - (after watching episode six of Storm Hawks) Aerrow is a guy right?

Me -

Me -

Me - Yes. Yes, he is.

He'll be the death of me yet. All in all, I found Final Fantasy 12 a little exhausting to play. Also, POOR REKS. T___T
XDDD. Toss up between a drabble and a sketch. (Aerrow's expreesion to that just popped into my head, >> along with Finn's....XD

as in...

Aerrow: .....

Finn: *falls over holding sides laughing his ass off*)
*pats Aerrow's chest* O_o;; Nyah, kidding XDD that's cute =3 I wish my cousins would say something cute like that v_v;;

*hugs* and I agree, poor Reks, he's the Neo!Aeris of the 21st century!! Uh, but didn't have as long a stint as Aeris ^^;

m-my little cousin gets more and more special by the moment. OBVIOUSLY MY CFUDNESS IS LEAKING ONTO OTHER PEOPLE.