Make me feel worse why don't you? XD; j/k

I'll look, but I don't know if I can find anything. (Do you download it or something?)
Nah, it's a standard thing. MY FRIENDS DID THE SAME TO ME REALLY.

Um. A friend of mine passed it to me. You could look for downloads?
H-hello! Not to be completely random stalker-ish, but uh. I was told to friend you by our mutual friend socchan, because you are, and I quote, "friendly and awesome, especially around fellow Storm Hawks fans." Which is something I need more of on my f-list. (Fellow fans, that is.) And also, I audience at CFUD and love your Aerrow. And so, this leads me to my point. Which is. Would you mind terribly if I friended you?

PS: That is totally one of my favorite episodes so far. I wanted to screencap it like burning, but it wouldn't let me.
I AM TOTALLY UP FOR FRIENDING. Do it anyway! I NEED MORE FANS MYSELF. I shall friend you too. Also, don't make me blush, I am not that awesome really. :D

If you want, I will totally screencap it for you.
AWESOME. Friended~! Liiies you are totally awesome. ♥

A-actually, if you could just tell me how to screencap it, I would love you! I tried a couple of different ways, but none of them worked right.
DAMNIT I AM NOT, REALLY. I must correct your misconception.

Sure. I use VLC player which can be downloaded for free on the internets. Once you get that.
1) Open the file in the VLC Player (no worries. VLC opens pretty much everything)
2)Under "video" on the toolbar, there's a snapshot option. It saves to your My Pictures folder automatically.
GOOD LUCK. I am a stubborn thing when it comes to awesome people.

...Ah. It's available for download already? Last time I checked, I couldn't find it. I watched it on cartoon Network Video. ^^;

I downloaded the torrent today! If you want, you can try downloading from Veoh. I have a link up on my most recent post.
Why, thank you! I believe I shall! I tried downloading the torrent, but it didn't want to work. Fortunately, Veoh seems to be working just fine~
ahaha I had my own frustrations with the torrent today morning. Luckily it worked and since no one had uploaded it yet, I did it myself.