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GIPThis is my best icon ever really.

Terra Neon is apparently up on Cartoon Network, but I can't see it because I live in Canada. WOES. But I heard some interesting things during the discussion. Mostly about tentacles. Which again, makes me wonder what is NERDS Corp's obsession with the tentacles? It's almost as weird as the time Scott McNeil called Storm Hawks a "goth emo kids show" but he plays Stork.

But this week is a killer. So many essays, too little time. And of course, I procrastinate with RPing or writing fic. I don't think it's a good sign that I'm so thrilled with this show BUT I AM. And it pleases me on an irrational level at times.

My play didn't do as badly as I thought. I'm just amused by some of the comments my class gave me though. I will work more on it later. The Lonely People and some of the poems bother me the most.

It's only four o' clock, but it's already getting dark.
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You know what's worse than procrastinating with RP instead of working?

It's finishing your work, then finding out you don't feel like RPing

I DID THAT for like the whole month of October where I HAD NO NEW EPISODES.

It's a pretty strong lethargy for someone like me who hasn't really been very productive. I'm trying to decompress or maybe I should talk to a counselor. This is not a good time to feel "out of it"