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t-that was quick

Storm Hawks - 1x20 - Terra Neon (sendspace link this time)

  • A voting system! So democratic!
  • ...There's a Terra of Giant Bananas?
  • OKAY GUYS. I  confess. Abandoned carnivals CREEP THE HELL OUT OF ME.
  • Junko is not allowed to high five Finn ever.
  • I really, really like Aerrow/Piper! Maybe not so much as a raburabu couple, but in the whole, we can trust and rely on each other. They just KNOW each other so well that their interactions are sweet and dorky at the same time.
  • STORK INNADRESS. Also, Radarr you tuxedo pimp you
  • Junko and Finn are best friends forever socute.
  • ELVIS FINN. You know you want it.
  • This part was interesting. EVERYONE DOESN'T LISTEN TO AERROW. He's slightly annoyed about this and it shows! I wonder if there'll be more times when his team just refuses to listen. Oh fourteen-year olds.
  • But then! Junko asks if Aerrow wants him to smash down the door! Aerrow looks for other available options! Again, interesting insight on the way Aerrow and his teammates work.
  • ..................................t-tentacles
  • "They have terrible posture!" They are currently TIED UP AT THE MOMENT GEEZ.
  • Stork has stage fright. Is anyone surprised?
  • ogod Finn. Your jokes. so bad.
  • Piper. Your disdain for Finn never ceases to amuse me.
  • "Please, please not your lame impression of Ravess!" ....Finn. Why do you do impressions on RAVESS.
  • "Junko, do something!" I like that Piper's automatic reaction is "JUNKO GO SAVE FINN"
  • Junko is a professional! He knows what he's doing. I was very impressed.
  • OH GOD. RADARR. YOU PIMP. I LOVE YOU. T-The tapdancing routine was really cool.
  • "Oh please, not the air guitar" ohshit the AIR GUITAR IS BACK.
  • "Oh! That's.................reallykindacreepy"  I LOVE SAMUEL VINCENT GUYS. Because that line was made of WIN.
  • Why did Stork come on stage? Was he worried about his teammates?
  • .............................Stork = the next Linkin Park....without the raging
  • oh Stork. Y-You poor guy. HUNTED BY A TENTACLE MONSTER. T_T
  • "KAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" S-Stork has the weirdest screams ever :D
  • OKAY GUYS I ADMIT IT. Piper/Stork is cute too.
  • Another Stork note! Stork is sensitive to any human contact (ex - see Piper's hug in Black Gorge) yet he has no problem when Aerrow touches his shoulder? ODD.
  • ..R-Ravess tentacle rape. OUCH
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I love Stork. Just saying.

Also, didn't he come on stage because the tentacles forced him to?
I don't think the tentacle monster was aware Stork was still left. Because they kinda exclaim shock at that.
...but. While he was going on stage. The tentacles kept. Pushing him (forcing him to keep walking onto the stage).
Yes, but the fact he went on stage at all makes me wonder. Why didn't he just hide backstage?
Summary of the episode!

Tentacles: Bend over, bitch.
Stork: DDD:
WE DIDN'T! That makes me sad.

I noticed! I am touched that you have credited me in your drawing genius.
The producers were yelling at Stork that they were due to open in Terra Bogaton, hmmm, would raptors really be interested in Stork's poetry?