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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Well, that was harsh.

Anyway, Angy and the others came back yesterday. But I want to tell everyone what I did when they were not here.

1) I watched Akira (A must-see for any anime fan!!) with a substantial amount of shounen-ai. Kaneda x Tetsuo is my dream! ^___^

2) I watched Bastard!! (....hentai...) but still fun to watch. Darkshneider has an ego the size of Jupiter.

"You're the macho bad guy. Everyone knows the macho bad guy loses in the face of the incredibly handsome main character!"

"Of all the women in the world, you had to kick mine! I'm telling you, I'm going to make that woman the mother of my children!"

Yoko: "....Mother? Hey, wait a minute!"

So celebrate Valentine's day with a light heart guys!

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