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added to memories~ I will download when my other comp is fully armed and operational (which should be in the next three days or so).
No problem! Sendspace works for a while. (Though I should have used mediafire)

Edited at 2007-11-13 12:02 am (UTC)
Chaiya Chaiya !!!!! ♥

In other news. Bye bye, sendspace link. ;.;
Last time I tried for two days, refreshing every ten minutes or so, and then it worked. =3=
I will always remember the sight of Roku, Ashley and Harsh dancing along to that song. God what the hell was up with my tutor group.
Yaaa!!! *is very happy* Downloading all<3 Really glad that you're feeling better:D I was feeling down and you totally made my evening:)

Oh, replying to your other comment here, how did you hear about my djing? :D I'm not a qualified DJ yet, but I'm interning at my college radio station at the moment:) It's a lot of fun learning about the technicalities involved behind the scenes! and there are shiny things like vinyl! The equipments are really preeetty.
...what the heck, Subin. S-So motivated I FEEL ASHAMED OTL

P.S. You Dj-ing is an awesome image XD
it was a good movie. I has three songs from it o/
Chale Chalo, Ghanan Ghanan, Radha Kaise Na
S'kay. Why did it have to start with the fuckery, it was working fine until recently