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Goddamnit, I really want to watch Siren's Song now.

Apparently, Aerrow's greatest desire is to defeat the Dark Ace. Not defeat Cyclonia, BUT THE DARK ACE.

lol Aerrow.

The rest of the team didn't have interesting desires (though OH STORK).

Also, because I'm bored and checked out the forums, I came across this.

O-OT3 anyone?
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Highly unlikely. For one, their fights would have become a lot more personal if he knew. No, this is stemming from their whole rivalry issue.
Storm Hawks = Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia = Adorable OT3

Therefore, your OT3 request is approved and your 'ship is cleared for launch.
True! Even pairings like Aerrow/Finn are arguable and maybe your case won't be quite as strong as Junko/Finn, it had its moments.

(I-I fangirl this show so much)
S-Same (I'm not 100% proud of mine)

ahahaahaha I tend to go back to episodes, make more screencaps, make more icons SOB.