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So, despite not getting essays done, I  am scarily zen. I should at least get english done. Hopefully Film. I don't give a damn about history anymore. My dad didn't sound so good on the phone.

CFUD post with Virgil. It's good that I did it. I-I was getting the feeling that he was getting harder to play. Which is bizarre because when I first got Aerrow, I had such major issues with his voice. Now that I've kinda settled him in, it's Virgil's voice that gives me issues. WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN TWIST OF AFFAIRS.

But anyway, I have reached some point in my life where apathy is me. Which is terrible. But I can live with that.

Also, life has gotten lonely because I have no friends on campus. Which doesn't bother me, but some part of me tells me it should :(
It's probably more of an issue for you than for me! Virgil's is just more funny and sarcastic than Aerrow, while Aerrow is still kinda finding his world way through camp. Also, thanks for the compliments :D

I love my friends on the internet (and I love you too hon), but I spent my last two years of school with...geeks. And the lack of geeks to connect with on campus makes me sad. People here haven't seen Star Wars. T___T
I love crit. I had huge issues when I started out playing because I was like, "SO WHERE'S MY CRIT GUYS :(". It bugs you a bit I suppose, but I REALLY LOVE CRIT.

I DUNNO EITHER. Made me sad in my kokoro.
I think I see where you're coming from. My biggest problem where I live is that I hardly have any friends, and really none that are at campus. The people I tried to befriend turned out to be highly competitive and more than a little paranoid. It taught me that sometimes you don't really have to form deep bonds with classmates. On the other hand, you can be on friendly terms with people on campus you feel comfortable with. Just daily greetings and finding shared topics to talk about can be helpful, even if it doesn't come with an obligatory getting-to-know-you-better.
In that sense, I do have people I can communicate with, just generally. Like I said, I'm so "meh" about the topic myself that I'm not sure if I am lonely or not because I have awesome people like yourself to keep me company.
If you manage to find another group like the Table -- that'll be a miracle. Just sayin'. :/ The last two years were awesome in the sense that all of us just suddenly clicked in this super duper way and- yeah. But that's high school. And uni/college is sadly a different matter. Plus your family's not with you.

Had the dame problem too blah blah blah, but I am a social person and because of the hall and the fact that our faculty (!) is so tiny that brrr we actually know people. (for the record, I'm well known as the one who always look tired, no matter when and where. sob)