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storm hawks au fic snippet - dwell

I.  "You're back, you're back!"

Rook gave him a disdainful look, "You saw me two weeks ago."

The boy stuck his tongue out at him, "That's really long ago!"

"Hmph," Rook turned back to fixing his Skimmer when Aerrow sat on the large rock close by, kicking his feet in the air.

"Remember what we talked about last time?"

"Enlighten me," Rook said blandly, frowning at his engine. There was some bad burns by the velocity crystal he used and it probably needed to be replaced...

"You said you'd take me flying remember?"

"Get the comman--get your father to do it," Rook said, wiping his forehead.

Aerrow frowned, "He's never around. You do it."


"Why not? You said yes last time!"

Had he? He couldn't remember. Days slipped past him too quickly.

"No means no," he retorted, doing a final wipe, "Now run off. Your father's probably looking for you."

Aerrow's eyes flashed angrily and he balled his tiny hands into fists, "I hate you!"

Rook watched the boy run away, quietly. Then, he turned back to his bike and pondered the expenses of buying a new engine.
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