water seeping

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell"

Okay, update on life.

1) I am suffering from a disease known as "apathy". Can't get work done. Had several breakdowns this week concerning that.
2) MIGHT be anemic. Again, has spoken to counselor, got medication. B-But I might have to take bloodtest. T__T HAET  NEEDLES OKAY.
3) My English teacher is made of win and is helping me get deferrals on my papers. I MIGHT NOT FAIL MISERABLY AFTER ALL.
4) Still have that feeling of extreme...dedness. SOB.
5) ...........I'm getting app dreams. Make them stop (I-I can't app 'em all! GET A CLUE BRAIN)
6) Hugs are good. :(
8) Dark Ace x Piper makes me want to cry (WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME FANDOM. I LET YOU HAVE YOUR ASSBABY THEORY)
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Actually rest and go see the doc (appointment's today, no?). Stop doing whatever you do on the Internet 'cause that'll just exhaust you more.
[I didn't ask for kicks]

Did see the doc. I-I'm not too keen on giving blood, but I might have to for medical reasons. The internet is not exhausting me, but actual movement does.
[kicks you off D:]

What did the doc say?

Also, the Internet and computers in general exhaust people mentally and physically. Your eyes get tired and your brain turns to mush. =.= Sleep it off if you can.

Doc prescribed diet and medicine. Will do what doc says and pray for some improvement.

I feel a lot better than I did yesterday (maybe because I skipped a whole day of classes and slept all day >.>)
...it's just a continuation of what I was ranting about before, you know. You sure you want to hear me rant about that?
Aiyah, I hope it's not anemia, but do make sure you get the blood test done just in case. If it is, iron tablets should make things a LOT better.

Lesse, I have a fairly strong aversion to other people sticking needles in me - I have fainted after getting injections for reasons I don't fully understand even when I think I'm perfectly calm. So. My advice for the blood test is to tell the nurse that you don't like getting injections, ask to lay down, be as helpful as possible in letting them pick out which arm they want to use (because this will make it as painless as possible for you), and then just try and talk to the nurse and not look at what they're doing ...it's over pretty quickly, actually.

Goooooo Timmy!