water seeping


I'm thinking of dropping Virgil.

Someone disenable this quickly.

On other news, I want to make a crappy Storm Hawks video with Evanescence. Because I can. So there. Meh.

EDIT - Guys, I love playing Juri, but her threads make want to cry. She's this little broken girl who's slowly trying to fix herself, but she doesn't know where to start or what to do, so she's just following the Student Council 'cause it's a goal and and god, Shinn's thread with Juri made me cry and I'm her damn player.

I feel like I need to essay on her already but I'm not even sure where to start.
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Re: Virgil
Does not surprise me. I was actually wondering when you would mention that. Kinda predicted it by your playing pattern. Wouldn't push for you to stick with him if you no longer feel like playing him. Buuut I think you got his voice down, even if there were some issues before. Loved playing with you. ♥

Iiii actually think I'm starting to like her? And the rest of the Student Council. Wtf are you guys on. And hah, your description of her up there? Inner manifestation anyone? You love playing her since she's more or less a reflection of how you view yourself, so.

I feel meh.
Re: Virgil - the thing is I'm not giving him the time and attention he deserves, but at the same time, if I drop him, I know that no one else will play him and that makes me even more sad.

Re: Juri - I love her, but ahahahaah ISSUES.
Re: Virgil - Precisely. That's why I said I could kinda tell by your playing pattern. You haven't had him out for a while (sock post is an exception), and even when I do... it seems a bit forced on your part. The feeling I get when reading your Aerrow and Juri threads are so different from your Virgil threads. You're comfortable with the first two's voices, and are bringing them out and having them interact (A++), but lately Virgil's interaction is more or less... not there. It's also an inclination of which name to click on the widget when you post a comment etc etc. I kinda had the same problem with Ace - not playing him enough, even though I know no one will play him if I drop and I still liked playing him but something isn't working out. :| Give it some time, talk to people, and if nothing gets better, then maaaaybe it's time to drop, even if it pains you. (talk to me ♥)

Re: Juri - IT HAPPENS. :D
Re: Virgil - Y-Yeah. I shall do that. ♥♥♥

Re: Juri - If I was better at essaying, I wouldn't mind it so much.
Uwah. Personally, I've always thought you had both of their voices down. Perhaps you could put Virgil on hiatus until you work out his issues? As for Juri, I think you and the rest of the student council are cracktastic so I love you guys. There's nothing really wrong with realizing what her headspace must be like.

...That was probably a sucky response but *hugs*
[hugs back] Thanks. That means a lot. I probably need to devote headspace for Juri, yes.
I don't know what's up with Virgil, but if it's something you want to work through I'd be happy to help. You know, when I'm not dead by real life.

I would be interested in essays. Because the Student Council seems like a mix of their earlier motivations even when you guys are playing them near the end. Which is good for crack but at the same time a lot of shit goes down in the third season (Juri and Miki crushing on Utena? Nanami coming into her own? What is this madness...) that makes me believe the characters are on the emotional mend. Well, except for Saionji.
I think even Saionji is, though he and Touga are worse off than the others just for not being in the badminton scene.

...a-although I think if I wrote an essay it would be less of a real essay than a justification for the fact that we're all big crackbabies. I mean, you do have me, Ema, and Ash all playing from the same canon again.
Well Saionji's existence is failtastic so I think if he improved at all it would simply be accepting, even a little bit, that his pain is amusing. Although those two minutes where he was onscreen with Utena, Anthy and Touga, and didn't slap anyone? That was progress.

Crack is what makes your cast marvelous! I stalk your guys' threads like mad, but there is a part of me that wants to know how you guys are going to balance the canon's potential of having something like "Nanami's Egg" and three episodes later, "Her Tragedy." With the same character.

Also I have a feeling you haven't seen this, if you're speaking of crack.
Video :o

So we actually had a cast discussion about this (minus Ash, bless her internet-hiatused soul ;_;), 'cause we love you and it's a valid question and we never really thought about it up to now. As for where they are developmentally, we kinda figured out there isn't any logical point that we could've taken them from, just on the basis that we wanted the character development of the end (specifically, post-emolocket and Touga and Saionji being friends again), but not to have to deal with all the stuff going down in Ohtori. Forgetting Utena is right out, so... they are now from some imaginary point that doesn't exist.

As for how we're going to balance it... well, in all honesty, we probably aren't. As nice as srs business is in the show, it's not really something we'd want to play up in camp. It's CFUD after all, so crack comes first. It's the same thing with character development... it makes a lot more sense to try and work with what we know from canon rather than trying to extrapolate how they would've changed from the end of the series, especially since we can't take the end of the series into account in case we ever get an Utena.
It's even better when you realize the parody has Saionji as the super gay alchemist villain named Papillion.

I was just wondering! Obviously if it was a serious business thread I would have asked when I...wasn't on hiatus myself. Which I am. Totally. Why is Ash doing better than me.

Nah, I know you crazy people. I didn't think you would ever go down the drama route, but there are ways of encorporating angst with crack. Like that post with Lulu and Mytho who both were kind of evil, but they were evil with bees so it wasn't all emo. Mostly I just wanted to know for my own state-of-mind because I looooove Utena cast and was purely curious. And not being tempted to app it really. --And we have been sidetracking Timmy's journal. Hi! Sorry about that!
...I have no idea what that means but it sounds positively delightful. :o

Hahaha. Bee post was fabulous! Also you should come hang out in our Utena channel when you're not so hiatusy. /o/
Thank you &hearts.

I'm really bad at essays, but I should give it a shot. Unlikely, they'd be very coherent though. But yeah, I think we kinda balance out our previous selves and some knowledge of the fourth season. (I kinda have to take Juri from the fourth season, because lol Shiori/locket/Ruka).
Disenabled! Unless you've got some issue that dropping Virgil will make better. DISCLAIMER: I SPEAK AS SOMEONE WHO LOVES TO DROP CHARACTERS AND WILL DO SO AT THE SMALLEST SIGN OF TROUBLE.

I think all of the student council are like that to an extent, though yeah, Juri is definitely the most srs and emo. Alls I can say is that if you like that side of her and it doesn't bother you that it makes you sad, go for it, because it's totally IC, and if not... well, there will be no shortage of dumbtarded things for the student council to do. /o/
XDDD. I'll spend more time thinking about it. I'm not too keen on it though.

T-That's true actually. I don't mind Juri's emo and it is IC, but it made me emo and I was kinda going, "...woah. How did I just do that?".

Thanks though!