That's true. Personally, I'm just in it for the shiny (and potential better characterisation). IF they MESS UP THE DAWN TREADER, I will, in fact, cry.
I probably should reread the books. GORGEOUS TRAILER...and no idea what's going on.
To be fair, the movies make them a lot more epic than the books were. BUT THIS MOVIE BETTER HAVE REEPICHEEP.
OH GOSH I didn't even know they were making a film. I was a little disappointed by The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe though. Not keeping my expectations high for this one, but wow the trailer looks kind of impressive.
I gave them some leeway with that book because believe it or not, C.S Lewis' writing is not LoTR level of fantastical and detailed. They could have done it a lot better, but all in all, a fairly decent job.