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"You dance, I lead"

Dear Storm Hawks fandom,

You are all such whiny fanbrats. I am sorely tempted to tell you guys that Storm Hawks is in fact a children's cartoon show and it is geared for, y'know, children. If you're expecting something great, I suggest rethinking your expectations. I love this show, but y-you can't take it that seriously, guys. I mean, REALLY. We had an entire episode Mr. Moss and Aerrow running around a forest, half naked.

Moving on!

Tin Man is the show I don't even know WHY I'm watching. I think I just like Alan Cumming. And Cain. And Raw. I don't give two cents for DG though.

C-Counselor apps are coming and I'm already going, "But there's THIS GUY but I promised to app THAT GUY and--" well. my brain hurts. Really. I had a terrible headache today.
Tags: dear myself, earth to mars do you read me?, fml, sadface

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