water seeping

we didn't start the fire~

  • Finished my Film Final! It made me want to go watch Singing in the Rain again. At the same time, it made me wish to never watch Persona ever. I-I just can't.
  • The birthing of a Cain/Glitch fic is in my head. It should be done soon. Also, I want to work on Aerials and some SH videos. 
  • Speed Racer trailer is OUT. MY CHILDHOOOOOOOOOOD. Also, if I do not see a gazillion Speed/Racer X fics I WILL SHUN THE WORLD. SHUUUUUUUUNAH.
  • Ugh. I don't think I'll ever do a mirror OOC play with Aerrow ever again. Not only did it hurt being evil, it made Aerrow very hard to play in the aftermath. I'm not completely happy with the way it turned out.
  • Casting for Code Geass dub is out! Apparently Lloyd's VA is very good. I am happy.
  • 93 Maidens by Rachael Sage is pretty and it plays in my head almost everyday.


Christmas Wishlist
1. STORM HAWKS RPers for CFUD. GUYS GIVE ME MY CAAAAAAAAAAST. We have dancing pirates. You know you want to.
2. Storm Hawks fanart/fanfics. I'm not picky. I'll take what I can get. I'm Aerrow-biased, but REALLY I'm not picky.
3. CFUD fanart/fanfics with my characters. Gen, slash, crack, whatever.

That's it! ALSO, anybody wants fics from me, please request for Christmas! [huggles]
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LOOOL Lelouch and Suzaku are Guy and Luke from Tales of the Abyss. OTPPPPPPeeeeee~~~~ XD XD XD Very hot!!

And yes, Liam O'Brien has a sexy voice. I love hearing him in both Valkyrie Profile 2 and Persona 3. X3
/ALSO, anybody wants fics from me, please request for Christmas! [huggles]/

Awesome. ^^

Really really. Since I don't do the whole "send cards out" deal, I at least do some fanfics.