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I love my RP to bits. I love the people there.

But people suggesting to vote out counselors because there's too many? Not kosher guys.

I seriously wanted to cry. I mean, if my app was bad and voted out, that's okay. Voted out because there were too many counselors already? It's not cool .____.
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...y-yeah whut


oshit now we really need the League augh augh augh augh

Seriously, what?! I go away for a while and miss everything. I don't normally read voting comments, but I thought 99% of the apps this round were fantastic.
People are silly! Counselors don't reopen until we lose a bunch and there's much less than the ratio we like between campers and counselors, so really, there's no such thing as "too many." ♥ FEAR NOT, my darling.
... wtf. OTL.

I would like to think it was late and whoever it was wasn't thinking.

Possibly! I'm not taking it incredibly seriously but I still felt sick at the thought.
...um, is this because of what I said last night? Because. I wasn't suggesting that. I was just saying that the apps are so awesome we're going to get 79 counselors IN.

AND I KNOW THAT IT SOUNDED BAD prol;ly because I didn't word it right, especially in hindsight, but I seriously didn't mean it that way? I would not vote counselors out just to get them out.