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coffee never felt this good

Dear PW fandom,

SCREW YOU, I happen to like Apollo Justice. And Klavier. And hobo!Phoenix.

So there.

No love,

PS - And Trucy. I like Trucy too.

Finished PW3. It was epic. And awesome. And I kinda want to ship Phoenix/Iris (DEEP, DEEP DEEP, DEEP DOWN). Also, o-oh Godot, you nearly made me cry. :(
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I heard about all that and it makes sense. Only thing is, Phoenix has always been really cynical (PW2 comes to mind) and i can understand him becoming more cynical as time passes. The other bit about his end after Trial and Tribulations doesn't make as much sense though.
I can see him turning outwardly cynical makes sense in light of what happened to him, but it still seems to go against EVERYTHING YOU EVER WORKED FOR in games 1-3 and that just feels like a tremendous "FUCK YOU" to me as a player. Sometimes things like that make great plot twists and turning points...but in this case it just feels like a bitchslap for the sake of a bitchslap.