water seeping

Denial, thy name is...

STAGE ONE - "I don't want to app him/her."
STAGE TWO - Look for pics out of curiosity
STAGE THREE - Make 4-5 icons
STAGE FOUR - "I STILL don't want to app him/her"
STAGE FIVE - Make about 30-35 icons
STAGE SIX - "...Maybe I kinda want to app him/her"
STAGE SEVEN - Start scanning manga/artbooks/magazines for more icons
STAGE EIGHT - "................"
STAGE NINE - Start cleaning up scans/screencaps and making even more icons

orz orzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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IT'S LIKE A CURSE. ADDICTION. Though every time I see my app go up, I swear I have mini heart attacks.