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there are no words for my FURY

This, quite honestly, made me cry

  • People hating MJ. No seriously. Someone has to SIT DOWN AND EXPLAIN THIS TO ME because I just. Cannot understand any hate this awesome woman. Unless we're talking movieverse.
  • If the marriage must be retconned, killing Peter's entire character for it was not a good idea
  • Joe Quesada has joined dear Dan "kill 'em all" Didio in my comic hell.
  • I thank the lord everyday that I own my nice hardcover volume of Spiderman Loves MaryJane
I didn't believe it when Mem posted the details. After seeing the horror for myself, I think I'll go curl up in a corner with MY GOOD SPIDERMAN COMIC BOOKS WITH KICKASS MARY JANE :(((
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I'm not even into American comics fandom and I think what the guy did was stupid and that he's a douchebag. I've watched some episodes of Spiderman and some of the movies and dude, I always figured Mary Jane was VERY, VERY IMPORTANT to him so this was just the dumbest move EVER.

But I'm also confused as to why the OP of the link you posted seems to move from badmouthing this Quesada guy to badmouthing Peter Parker for not being able to face reality or whatever.
It's just the scans_daily link and honestly, both points are valid :|

The thing is, I can never give up comics. I grew up on comics. And the sad thing is, comics exist to HURT YOUR SOUL. Which they do. Almost 95% of the time, thnx Dan Didio. ;;
Yeah, that's where it's different for me. I grew up with Spiderman comics.

Animated verses make everything better and they're always the best alternative, but yeah. Comics still hold a dear and near place to my heart.
Marvel was always my safe haven after DC PHUNKED WITH MAI HEART way too many times. ;;
Of course, a large percentage of that inner heartbreak is Dan Didio's fault and really, the new shiny Batman:Black and White graphic novel I just bought makes me feel warm and fuzzy (an unusual feeling for a Batman comic, but well deserved!)
I'll sum it up.

Joe: I hate their Peter/MJ! They're married! They're boring! Obviously no one cares about their relationship! I KNOW. I'll JUST RETCON THE WHOLE DAMN THING. PERMANENTLY. In the worst writing ever! :DDD
s_d has been furious about it for a while. I don't blame'em, even though I'm not of the fandom.

I hate the movieverse MJ with all my soul, because she hits all my rage triggers, but I'm perfectly fine with comicsverse MJ.

Ha ha ha Quesado and Didio siiiigh. (Oh JMS you poor bastard.)

*sympathy over comics-soulkilling* (In related news, I reread the Identity Crisis summary, and oh god why oh why the pain.)
Oh s_d. How I love you so.

SEE. Movieverse!MJ hate I can totally get because she's nothing like the comic book MJ. Who is kickass.

....sob. I KNOW. I KNOW.