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I'm back home in Singapore.

So, why do I feel so lonely?
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In other news there's a Psych marathon on the USA network tomorrow that I plan to watch.

[hug] It's partially that all my friends are still in uni. But hopefully, I'll catch them during my summer break.

Hope you can feel better.

Hope this will make you smile:
A nearby bank had lots of flowers outside for a formal opening or some such event, the flowers were starting to fall out of the displays, and people walking by were picking them up and even pulling them out of the stands to take home. The security guard, far from scolding us, started encouraging a guy there to take some roses and give them to me, and then an auntie tried to convince the security guard to wear a giant orange flower on his giant green overcoat or hat. Later, he pulled a big orange flower out of the stand for me. It was incredibly surreal.