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Play Elite Beat Agents.

That is all.
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I have that game! I haven't played it yet though. I'm waiting to finish PW3. Also my new PSP Disgaea game is pretty distracting~ ♥
Ooh~ I shall have to get right on to playing that, as I also have a DDR soul and a taste for dancing tuxedo men!
The great thing about elite beat agents is that it's both addictive and not addictive at the same time. So you can play it for a while, put it down, play something else and pick it up again easily.
Awesome! :D Because I can totally see that happening. Because that's how I am.
Yeah. It's what I did on the flight. I played a bit, paused and read a book, played again, paused and watched a movie, and played it once more. It's a great cycle.
Little Girl wants her Daddy to come home for Christmas but he dies on his business trip and bawwwww
Haha great game! And if you liked EBA, you should go import yourself copies of Ouendan, Ouendan 2, and Nodame Cantabile (classical music version of EBA). All of them are in Japanese, but they're for the DS, so they work just fine in an English system... and the plots are secondary and not difficult to understand by way of pictures. They're all fun stylus rhythm games just like EBA! (Hehe, I needed more SONGS, so I kept buying these darned games!)
I've been seeing one for $40 somewhere (normally it's $70) but I'm conflicted. Is it that good?
Oh, it's good if you ever liked DDR. And it's beyond cute with the cartoony animations.