water seeping

oh apollo, you so fine, you blow my mind

Kristoph Gavin: If you keep repeating fine like that, people might get the wrong impression.

Phoenix Wright: ....Ah. Hello, Mr. Fine.

Kristoph Gavin: You look tense. Wound up tight.
Apollo: W-Wound up, sir? No! I'm loose, I'm fine!!

Kristoph: I guess "justice" doesn't start small, does it?

Apollo: (first trial: nervous. Meeting him: cardiac arrest)

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuys, Apollo is SO CUTE. As much as i love Phoenix (and I doooo), Apollo is the kind of guy I want to give a big hug to.
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omg that's so cute.

I just saw the latest episode of Psych, oh man Shawn's relationship with Gus :
Oh god, I seriously wibbled at that scene. O-Oh Shawn and his protective best friend issues.
APOLLO IS FRIKKIN' ADORABLE T^T I need to play the English demo, but his (SOCUTE) japanese voice already won me over *SWOON~*