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luv shiba-mun

<Shiba>  In my head, he was the leader of a Sky Knight squadron that was LEFT IN SHAME after Cyclonians attacked their undefended Terra and slaughtered everyone
<Shiba>  Bri: ....>>>>>:
<Shiba>   And Shiba was the only survivor, becoming a hermit after losing face.
<Shiba>   But really he jsut killed everyone and fled the scene \o/
<Shiba>  And then I decided his skimmer was powered by RAPE CRYSTALS
<Shiba>   That's when I knew I should stop thinking.
<Aerrow[ish]> .......ahahaahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha omg
<Aerrow[ish]> I would read that
<Shiba> I can't write it, though
<Shiba> but i can't write
<Aerrow[ish]> ....I can try to write it
* Aerrow[ish] is better at writing than drawing
<Shiba> ... 8)
<Aerrow[ish]> <3 I'll work on it
Very rough, very drabblish in nature. XD


"Ah, Shiba of the Poisoned Butterflies, correct?" The old man adjusted the glasses on his nose and peered at the tall man standing in front of him, "I am sorry for your loss."

The man said nothing, solid like the walls around them. The old man frowned and looked at the registry, "Well, I don't have any teams you can fill in for, but you can work solo like Starling if you wish to continue the fight."

"I will," the steel in his voice rings clear in the room and the old man nods approvingly.

"Then, go fulfill your destiny...Sky Knight."


"Don't talk to me," Starling said, frowning at him.

"Ah~ but Staaaaaaarling~"

"You heard me,"  She hissed sharply, "I don't care if we're two 'peas in  a pod' or 'birds of a feather'. I refuse to associate with the likes of you. Disgracing your own Terra like that..."

For a moment, she saw a sliver of hurt run through his eyes. She dismissed it.

"That wasn't very nice," Shiba enunciated softly.

"I'm not nice," But she pauses as if a tinge of regret coloured her being. She rubs her forehead in exasperation, "If you're so desperate for company, maybe you should visit the Storm Hawks. After all, they take to outcasts like flies."



Aerrow blinked and smiled, "Hi Shiba. Finished looking at the Condor?"

Shiba nods vigorously, "It's a beautiful ship," he muses out loud.

"You're welcome to stay if you want," Aerrow said, "I know--I heard about what happened to your Terra. I'm sorry."

Shiba says nothing, his eyes boring into the ceiling. After a few minutes, he tilts his head back at Aerrow's concerned glance and says, "I wouldn't mind staying for a while."

And his smile flickers like a ghost.


Uh. more to come?
Tags: cfud: we have zombies, shiba-verse, the sky is never the limit

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