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"and I won't die the least bit mysteriously..."

Everything that takes place is Shiba's fault. JUST SO YOU KNOW.
Fandom - Zombie Loan/Storm Hawks
Premise - located here. Basically, Shiba comes and fucks up the SH-verse. And we love it.
Pairings - There are no pairings. Only raep.

Reactionary Tune

"Why is he staying," Stork grumbles as Shiba flits through the ship like an overactive teenager. Shiba shoots Stork a grin and Stork's frown become deeper with suspicion. He turns back at Aerrow and said, "I don't like him."

"C'mon Stork," Aerrow said, "He's got nowhere else to go. At least let him stay a week."

"You're making a mistake."

It was Aerrow's turn to frown, "We have to at least give him a chance."

"Fine," Stork holds up one trembling finger, "One chance. That's all he gets."

Aerrow looks like he wanted to object, but he closes his mouth and nods in agreement.

Shiba smiles at both of them in the corner and filches one of Piper's sandcakes.


"Ah--," Piper nearly dropped her book in surprise, "S-Shiba? What are you doing here?" 

"Aerrow said you could show me your crystals, Piper~" Shiba said, leaning by the door. Piper thought how Aerrow-like that action was, but dismissed it.

"Uh, sure. Come in," she splutters. She wasn't used to other people showing interest in her crystals. She blushes slightly and steps back to let him observe her desk. Shiba lets out a whistle of appreciation and Piper was glad her blushes are not visible.

"What do those do?" Shiba points to the two purple crystals that were glowing softly. He picks one up and stares at it with intense concentration.

"Oh, those are Radio.Active.Power.Engine crystals.  I'm hoping that they'll be more efficient than the normal engine crystals we use," Piper explains.

Shiba claps, "That's so amazing, Piper!" he pauses and says, "Can I use them?"

"They're still experimen--"

"I'll be careful," Shiba said smoothly, laying a hand on Piper's shoulder and looking at her straight in the eye, "Do you believe me?"

Piper wished she never looked at him when he said that. Swallowing, she nods her head and brightens, "Good! I'm going to test it out right now!"

She watched him bound out of her room and sighs. He is a Sky Knight, she thinks, he can take care of himself.


"A race?"

Shiba stretches, "I haven't had one in a while. You don't mind, right?"

"No, but--."

"Then, it's settled," Shiba's smirk settles into something more predatory.

Aerrow suddenly gets chills down his spine.

Mooooooooore to come. sigh
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I suspect that chills won't be the only thing going down his spine.
That totally counts as rape! I'm sure Shiba will touch people inappropriately without prejudice.