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Ummm.... this is for Leila and asa-chan mainly. I finally completed the next installment for Author Adeventure, so I thought I would gift them with this, for their patience on this matter. I'm thinking of adding side-fics for this story because it goes on and on. Hit a new record by wriintg 16 pages!

The Author Adventure

A/N: Ahem. After a long month of work, stress and hormones, I have completed the next installment of Author Adventure. This one is not meant for the light-hearted, though I did tone down the violence a bit. And expect more revelations to pop up. After all, lately, nothing is what it seems.

Chapter Ten

There was one word to describe it. Only one.


Y’know, the very dreary not-the-ketchup-look blood?

That’s what the colour was like.

Normally, Red is my favourite colour. But right now, it just killed any good mood I had.

“Well, interior decoration certainly hasn’t improved,” Arashi commented caustically, “Are you sure we switched dimensions?”

Trevor touched the wall gingerly and sniffed it. He shook his head, “Unless blood covered walls has become a new fad I haven’t heard of, no.”

I touched the wall. It was slick and almost felt like it was trying to cling onto hands. I drew my hand back and wiped my hand against my T-shirt.

“It’s still fresh,” Trevor said quietly, “Whoever did this might be still in the area…”

“That is none of our concern!” I snapped, “We just need that tooth and we’re out of here. We shouldn’t get mixed up with other’s people’s business!”

“Too late,” Spike muttered, “I think it’s our business now.”

Standing in the corridor about twenty feet was a man dressed to tattered clothes. He seemed to be shaking and it looked as if he was going to collapse. We stayed still, not knowing what to make of him.

He looked at us, raising his eyes so that we could see the cracks in his jaded eyes. It as like his gaze was hot iron melding our feet to the ground. I felt so shaken at that moment. It was he was accusing us. Or questioning us. I couldn’t release myself from that feeling.

And neither, I think, could the rest of us.

And then, he attacked.



Aquenze took a couple of steps back, her face taking a sheepish look, “Ummmm….I kinda got lost. I was with Timmy and Silver and their bunch, remember?”

The boy gave her a disbelieving look, “How did you get separated?”

“I have a bad obsession for shiny mirrors,” Aquenze said, her face a shade of pink. Her fingers twitched.

The boy slapped his head and muttered something that sounded like ‘girls!’

“Anyway, I’ll take you back. But you’ll have to wait,” He said, jerking his thumb to the entrance, “‘Because your friends are busy.”

Aquenze blinked, “Busy with what?”

He shrugged, “Tasara will explain,” There was a trace of doubt in that sentence, “And don’t say anything about being in this room, k?”

Aquenze put her hands behind her back, “Why?”

The boy gave her an eerie grin, “Do you really want to know?”

Aquenze shuddered, remembering the statues (or people) in the room, “Point taken,” She said, grinning. Her hands twitched again.

“Good,” The boy gestured to the entrance, “Let’s go. I think some of them are back.”

“Umm…” Aquenze quietly walked behind him, her shoes clinking on the glass floor, “What’s your name?”

“Brigs,” He said, “And don’t tell Angy that.”

+End Interlude+


The next thing I could remember was seeing Arashi pushed against the wall and the guy’s hands wrapped around her throat.

That was all that was needed to break the trance.

Arashi grabbed the guy’s shirt and tendrils of electricity began to pour out of her body. The guy shrieked and let go of Arashi immediately. Arashi dropped to the floor, breathing heavily. Then a barrage of water flung the guy out the window.

I blinked and glanced at Silver. She was grinning, but there was a frantic look in her eye. Trevor and Spike helped Arashi onto her feet.

And I had done nothing.

Nothing. At. All.

“Don’t beat yourself over it,” Arashi grinned, punching me lightly in the shoulder, “Otherwise you’ll turn into an angst machine.”

I smiled, some of my anxiety drifting away, “Fine.”

“Where did you show up?” Spike questioned his sister, a look of suspicion in his eyes.

Silver shrugged, “I dunno. I heard some noise so I showed up here.”

“Did you see anything?” I asked. I kept thinking how did Silver appeared in a different location instead with us. Did Tasara make a mistake?

Or did she do it on purpose?

Mulling over this, I noticed a dark shape coming down the corridor. I wasn’t the only one who spotted it. Trevor had tensed up and Spike and Silver were on the defensive.

It was that guy.

I blinked.

“Isn’t he dead?” Silver sweatdropped and looked out of the window and gaped, “I threw him off six floors!!”

He raised his head and for the first time I locked eyes with him. The lined cracks in his eyes had vanished and I noticed that there were no pupils and it was a chilling crimson.

No pupils….

“He’s a vampire!”

He snarled, revealing nice shiny pointy teeth. Do vampires ever suffer cavities? I wonder…

Then he lunged again. He was fast, but this time, we were ready. I immediately iced the floor, causing him to lose his footing. Then Trevor did something that stopped us dead.

He drove his hand into the guy’s chest.

The guy (or vampire. I guess I should call him that) gasped, his eyes going wide and he turned to dust. Trevor looked at his bloodied hand and wiped it on his T-shirt.

I was stunned to say the least. Spike snorted, “Smart move. Now where are you going to get a spare T-Shirt?”

Trevor blinked and grinned, “Well, I could go around topless.”

Red looks were all around with that remark. And no, I wasn’t an exception.

Spike twitched and Silver immediately tried to calm him down. I sweatdropped.

Arashi bent down and looked at the pile of dust, “Was that really a vampire?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so.”


“It was too easy,” I said, narrowing my eyes at the pile of dust that was beginning to drift with the North Wind, “I would say that was a—,”


“Yeah, a ghou—,” I stopped. That voice….

“Unusual,” The voice continued, “You don’t find civilians discussing vampires as an off-hand topic.”

We froze, unable to take our eyes off the new figure that had entered.

“More also, you don’t see humans killing ghouls at all. Without bullets even,” He smirked, “You are very interesting people.”

We still hadn’t spoken.

“We haven’t introduced ourselves. How impolite,” The grin spread, reveling pearl white enlarged canines, “I am called Alucard.”




Her voice was low, just the right level to show how subservient she was. Her lips were not quivering which showed that she was not ready to grovel yet. This is good. It made things interesting. Thing would be dull, if everything worked out the way it is planned.

So she lost Black Dranzer. This girl in front of her was still a trump card. It had been revealed, but it still was a wild card when the Chosen were concerned.

Also, there was her power. How could the Chosen match that?!

No, they couldn’t. There was no way they could.

She smiled and the girl in front flinched.

“I want you to,” Her voice drawled, “tell our dear friend on the other side not to worry about the details.”

“He will not be reassured,” She spoke, iron in her tone.

“No, he won’t,” She smirked, “He is the worrying type, isn’t he?”


“Then, tell him to ready the assassins. They must get rid of the Bladebreakers as soon as possible,” Her smile was icy now, “Wouldn’t want the Four Chosen Beybladers to unlock the power within, would we?”

The girl said nothing.

“No complaints? I thought you liked the Bladebreakers? After all, you became a Chosen because of them,” Her voice was taunting now.

“No complaints,” Her voice was dead.

“Very well. Leave.”

The girl clicked her heels and walked away.

So Jaici, she thought, after this, where will your loyalties lie?

Humans are such gullible beings.

+End Interlude+


Alucard. THE Alucard.

Is it just me or are my legs shaking?

I mean, Alucard is one of my personal favourite characters, but that was when I was watching him in a box, NOT seeing him in person. And he was definitely more intimidating in person.

By the squeaks Silver sent his way, I’m guessing the feeling’s mutual.

“Oh don’t look so frightened,” He grinned again (I swear sharks have less canines than this guy!), “I’m not going to eat you.”


“Master, what are you doing? Sir Integra has been waiting for you and she doesn’t look happy—,” A young woman wearing a blue police outfit entered, her red eyes widening at the sight of us. She stared at Alucard suspiciously, “Who are they? You’re not playing with civilians, are you?”

Alucard raised his arms in defense, “Just so you know, these ‘civilians’ (Was that overly-laid sarcasm? I can’t tell) defeated the ghoul on their own.”

“How did they pull that off?” Seras stared at us with big eyes, “They don’t look like undead.”

Alucard shrugged, “Who cares?”

We sweatdropped.

“Do we take them to Sir Integra?” Seras gave us a sideways look, “We might have need for their skills.”

Wow, I got the strangest feeling that they were talking about us.

Trevor crossed his arms and glared, “We’re right here you know.”

Alucard just gave us a creepy grin that scared the shit out of me, “I know.”

Trevor just glared sullenly.

Spike sighed and ran an exasperated hand through his ginger locks, “I’m getting tired.”

“Just wait,” I said, “Well?”

Alucard rubbed his chin, “I don’t see the harm in it. All right,” Alucard gestured to Seras, “They’re coming.”

I followed them out of the building. But something was bothering me.

We might have need for their skills.

And for once I realized that the powerful Alucard just came close to admitting that he needed help.

But from what? And who?



“Morgana! Morgana wait!”

Morgana scowled and stopped walking, “What is it Nessi?” She tapped her foot impatiently, “This better be good.”

“It is,” Nessi glanced sideways at Morgana, her lips stretched, “She’s ordered for the death of the Bladebreakers.”

Morgana said nothing except for the tightening of her fists, there was no outward reaction. Nessi grimaced. She wished she had partners who at least liked a decent conversation. That was too much to hope, though….

“What now?” Morgana whispered, almost unheard by Nessi, “What must I do? For a world where dreams come true or for the complete shattering of my being?”

“Morgana?” Nessi could understand a bit of what Morgana was going through. They had given up everything for this. Now is when the test truly stands.

Will you watch a world destroy itself for the sake of rebuilding it? Will you kill one to give birth to another? When the sand truly falls on one’s back, will you scratch yourself raw just for a precious few minutes of comfort?

Maybe we can’t make that decision. We are not Jaici.

“Enough of that,” Morgana waved her hand, “What is done is done. We have chosen the sand’s way, now stick to it,” Her voice was iron hard, “There is no time for doubting. That’ll come later.”


Morgana and Nessi turned their heads at the same time.

“J-Jaici…” Nessi muttered, “I wasn’t—,”

“As Morgana said, it doesn’t matter,” Jaici gave them a smile that lightened their spirits, “Worry when the wolves appear.”

Nessi nodded while Morgana smirked, “Where did you hear that saying?”

Jaici smirked right back, her brown eyes glinting, “From my sister. Who else?”

+End Interlude+


The Grim Reaper would have had more decoration than this place. I mean, green brick walls? Does anyone beside me think that’s rather odd?

“Me,” Seras said, leaning against the doorframe, “But you get used to it eventually.”

“Don’t read my mind like that,” I said shortly, stretching my arms. Great, I was cranky. At this rate I’ll sound like some whiny kid or worse….I’ll sound like Dee in FAKE.

I think we were all rather high-strung. I mean, from what I remember, Alucard and Seras were the good guys (or I think Alucard was. It was hard to make out). But why bring us here? And what did they need us to do?

Nothing made sense anymore.

I sighed and ran an exasperated hand through my red-tinged black hair, “I wonder what’ll happen next?”

“Well, I could brief you in,” Seras said, sympathy colouring her eyes, “I understand how you feel. Helpless, right?”

“Something like that,” I muttered.

I wonder how Angy is doing…

Probably ten times better than I am at the moment.

“There’s a new true undead in England,” Seras said.

We jumped at the sound of her voice. Tense bunch of people aren’t we?

“Really?” Silver said, trying to calm herself down, “Who?”

“That’s just it,” Seras said, “We don’t know.”

“Joy,” Trevor grumbled, “And because you can’t do anything, you’re asking for our help, right?”

“That about sums it up,” Seras said, shrugging, “Normally, civilians wouldn’t even be asked, but we’re that desperate and you guys are that special.”

“Wow. We’re special. Go us,” Spike said dejectedly. When he received pointed looks from us, he snapped, “It’s the dame atmosphere here. It’s making me edgy.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. I watched as the others fidgeted, waiting for some sign from Seras to explain what was going on.

Seras looked away, “This new undead….is not as powerful as,” Here, she repressed a shudder of disgust, “Incognito, but subtle. She’s like a spider, the way she works. We’ve been working on this for months and we haven’t come close to discovering where she is. Master Alucard has been ripping heads out of sheer frustration.”

We grimaced as we mentally pictured Alucard ripping random people’s heads out.

“At any rate, this one…..is an undead…and it isn’t,” Seras said, clutching her sides, “It…I mean …she acts human. Too human. She understands concepts like deceit and hate. Vampires have no idea about those things because they’re like animals,” There was a melancholy look on her face when she said that; “We have no sense of morality whatsoever.”

There was a quiet silence that followed her words. Spike fidgeted and Silver and Arashi looked apprehensive. Even Trevor looked uncomfortable. I said nothing.

Vampires act like animals…They have no morality…unlike humans…

But only…

“What if,” Arashi said, “This new undead didn’t originate from here?”

She acts human!

“Because she IS human!” I jumped, “What if this Mastermind…is one of the chosen?”



“Damn, this has been the third time this week,” He groused, kicking the fallen body on the ground, “At this rate, we’ll be making money as a mortuary.”

He walked down the steps, his boots razing the expensive carpets. He snorted, like he cared.

“Are there any others?” He called down as he reached the bottom of the staircase.

Max stuck his head out of the kitchen and shook his head, “Nope, that guy was solo.”

“They’re getting more serious Kai,” Tyson said, nursing a cut on his shoulder, “It won’t be long until they catch us off guard.”

“What do they want?” Rei wondered, closing the main door. The police had asked for details which Rei had filled in gladly. However, it was always the same.

These people just wanted them dead.

‘Nuff said.

“Not the bit-beasts,” Kenny said, “I left Dragoon out one night and they didn’t even as so much touch it.”

“WHAT?! Why did you use Dragoon?” Tyson yelled.

“Well, I couldn’t use Dizzy. She’s stuck in the laptop!”

“I still wonder as to how that happened in the first place,” Max said, his eyes rolling.

“It was a result of a blackout! IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!”

“Oooh. Touchy,” Rei said grinning.

Kai sighed. Assassins after their lives and his good-for-nothing team can still laugh like no tomorrow. A smirk reached his face. Ah well.

+End Interlude+


There was a stunned silence that followed that proclamation. Except for Seras who was completely confused, “What’s a Chosen?”

It made perfect sense. Tasara said that the portal was open, so if things could come out, maybe people could go in…without the help of Tasara. But, that also was vague. Didn’t Tasara have complete control over the dimensions? Maybe she didn’t?

It was odd to say the least. When I got back, Tasara was going to get a piece of my mind. And everyone else’s from the looks of it as well.

At any rate, we didn’t have time to dwell on it because Alucard had entered. Imposing as always with his red cloak, he walked in like he was king of the world.

My bad. Titanic reference.

“So?” Alucard said, not even looking our way, to Seras, “What did they say?”

Seras gestured, “They seem to know what we’re dealing with, but they haven’t said whether they’ll help us.”

“That’s because you haven’t asked us yet,” Arashi snapped and paled as two pairs of red eyes turned to glare at her, “Umm…never mind!” She said and hid behind Trevor. Yes, Arashi has her moments too.

“So, what exactly do you want us to do?” I asked.

Seras handed me a paper, “She wants to meet us in this location. We figure it’s an ambush. But she doesn’t know your…” She hesitated and then said, “Powers. We can close in if she shows up or something.”

“Doesn’t sound like a fool-proof plan,” Spike commented.

Alucard grinned (cripes, the pointy teeth!), “You have a better one?”

Spike said nothing, but he narrowed his eyes dangerously. I sighed and rubbed my forehead, “Guys….and their male egos….” I muttered, looking at the paper. It was a London address and it was slightly away from the urban areas. I would say it was centered in the suburbs.

“We’ll do it,” I said suddenly, “On one condition.” Everyone (excluding the vampires) jumped at the sound of my voice.

Alucard did not say anything and Seras looked slightly nervous, “And…what may this condition be?” Alucard cocked an eyebrow.

“We need one of your teeth,” I said, ignoring the trail of sweat behind my head.

Alucard and Seras blinked, “That’s it?!” Seras said and then shrugged, “Okay.”

We blinked and sighed. We’re alive. Thank the heavens.



Aquenze was bored. There was only Brigs and the other two people that were with Tasara before had gone off somewhere and Aquenze didn’t want to look for them. So she fiddled with her powers and kept honing them until she felt tired and wanted to take a breather. It was tedious.

Or…maybe she could do something more constructive. Like finding that room again. Except this time, she’d have to be more careful. And there was no guarantee that they’ll let her go so easily.

And she had an ace that she kept hidden for quite a while now. When the time comes, she’ll uncover them and let hell be loosed upon this place. That brought a vindictive grin to her face, most unlike her normal cheery demeanor.

Where was Tasara anyway? Aquenze furrowed her brow. Everything here seemed so dull without its guardian. Maybe she could check on her friends or something and see how they’re doing.

That’s what she’ll do! She jumped onto her feet. She’ll find the mirror that contains the world her friends are in and check on them! They’re taking way too long and at least this way, she can keep tabs on them.

Aquenze smiled. She was feeling better already.

+End Interlude+


“I really wish we weren’t the guinea pigs for this,” Arashi grumbled.

Silver shivered and glanced around, “I dunno. Alucard might have been angry if we refused him,” And she violently shuddered at that thought.

I was listening to their banter and wondered if what I did was right. It was risky and I was putting everyone’s lives on the line. That’s something I really don’t want on my conscience…along with other things.

Spike was bored, I could tell. I couldn’t look at him for long because that night of anger had embedded itself in my mind and I couldn’t seem to forget it. Maybe I should apologize or something?

For something you weren’t responsible for? My inner voice snorted, Pathetic.

Yes, that about sums it up.

Trevor was wandering around, kicking the stones with an odd sense of viciousness. I sighed and rubbed my forehead. I need medicine. Or a gun. Like Sanzo. At least, he knew what to do to relieve frustration.

It was almost time, I realized, feeling the thrill of combat rush through my hands.


I jumped about ten feet high before conjuring my katana, “Who’s there?!” I yelled, startling the others. Arashi grimaced as she conjured up her own whip and Silver her sphere and Spike his mace. Trevor just kept his hand ready.

There was an odd prickling at the back of my head. My muscles tensed and a chill had filled the air around us. Of course, it could just be London weather (A/N: It’s so freaking cold there it’s not even funny!).

But that distant whisper that trailed away with the North Wind….

“This feels weird,” Silver said, her voice grim and tight-lipped. I had a flashback of the time we faced off with the Reflections and she had provided us with means to escape.

“Ditto,” Arashi replied, swinging and slapping her whip onto the ground in uneasiness. Trevor and Spike said nothing but shot each other nervous looks. I suppose Trevor and Spike really are best friends. If they showed it more often, maybe some people might believe it.

I waited. The moment was coming….

The ground below us erupted and we leapt into the air. I barely caught my breath.

I didn’t think the moment would come THAT quickly!

Hands. The entire ground was full of ghouls, clawing their way through the cement and pavement. But the others didn’t waste any time at all. Silver immediately began filling the crevasses with water and our noses were filled with the acrid smell of burnt flesh. Of course, I realized, the Dead have a weakness to water, especially pure water. Silver exploited that weakness well.

Arashi was next. All it took was her dipping the end of her whip into the water and the electricity cackled in the air. The ghouls began screaming and one by one, they vanished, their ashes the only sign that they were ever here at all. And I ended it, but trapping them in the crevasses in the road with a thick glass sheet. It was all over in a matter of minutes.

“Does anyone feel that nagging clichéd feeling that that was simply too easy or is it just me?” Spike grumbled, still swinging his mace in his hand. Trevor nodded also, his hands drawn back, ready to land that crushing blow. The blow that could tear through a normal person’s chest. Just what was Trevor’s power anyway?

I looked at the sheet of ice that sealed the ghouls’ fate and frowned. For the hope of sounding sensible, I think Spike was right. But…

“Chosen, right?” It was a girlish voice, the kind coming from girls still in high school. It sounded like the girls in my school that I had to repress a shudder. I looked up to see a girl with bat-wings on her back. She was hovering quite contentedly and there was a demonic look on her face.

She was Chosen, no doubt about it. Looks like Arashi’s suspicions were well-founded. I grimaced. I was actually hoping it wasn’t true.

“Who are you?” Silver asked looking worried, “Are you one of us?”

The girl giggled once more, covering her mouth in childish pleasure. When I look at her, she couldn’t be older that thirteen or fourteen at the most. Yet, there was a hint of deviousness I’ve seen in predators on T.V.

She was behind all this. I’d bet my laptop and all that is precious to me on that.

“I was Chosen,” She said, “But I have, and shall we say, evolved. Your powers can’t even compare to mine. Now I am…” She paused and giggled once more. I couldn’t resist the urge to cover my ears. That giggle was annoying damnit! It was like those girls…

“Leave her. She’s a freak.”


“Pathetic and whiny. Get a life.”

“Who needs you?”

Now isn’t the time to be reminiscing! I berated myself, shaking myself from the grip of bad memories. I tightened my grip on my katana and waited for her move. Right now, she seemed to be coolly observing us, as if we were new toys and she hadn’t quite learned how to play with us yet.

It was a humbling thought. We’ve never fought with Chosen before (unless you count Jaici and the others, but that wasn’t even a real fight. We just high-tailed it out of that fight) and she didn’t seem like the average Chosen. Maybe her claims of her being an evolved Chosen weren’t complete rubbish.

But where did she get that much power? That’s the persistent question in my mind at the moment.

She smirked and I could see the red in her eyes, “Funny. Tasara sent you guys right? Why, I wonder…” She wondered, her fingers tapping lightly against her cheeks in an exaggerated manner. Then she snapped her fingers, “Oh yes, that would explain it!”

“Explain what?!” Trevor nearly exploded, “Who the hell are you?!”

Touchy isn’t he?

“I am Luchenial (1),” She said, “Online, I was Sapphire Angels Devil.”

I knew her. She reviewed my fanfictions from time to time. But what was she doing here?!

Luchenial smirked once more, “Ultimate power that lies between the dimensions is so close…yet, you can’t see it. Pathetic. I’m so glad I’ve evolved. Being at the bottom of the food chain with you guys would be so degrading,” Her voice drawled to bring out the vicious sting of her words. The others gave her glares that could be considered poisonous.

I think I heard some veins pop.

“THAT’S IT!” Trevor apparently lost it at the subliminal message and leapt up, his arms stretched forward, ready for the blow. She dodged him with ease, her grin growing and an intense beam of white energy sent him flying into the trees and landed onto the pavement. And was still. I felt a momentary fear grip my heart and suddenly it vanished.

“Trevor!” Spike ran up to him and called Silver, “Silver! Help him!” Silver immediately ran up to her brother, looking back cautiously to see if Luchenial will attack them behind their backs.

However, Arashi and I were still in the fray and she began firing those goddamn energy beams at us. I scowled as I put up my shield as it hit. They were like battering rams! I’ve never felt this kind of raw power, not even from the Reflections.

What the Seven names of Hell is she?

Arashi saw an opening and as Luchenial aimed another beam at me, Arashi leapt onto a tree branch and jumped into the air, swinging her whip and it closed a loop around Luchenial’s neck. For a moment, Luchenial faltered, her eyes widening and Arashi tightened it. Luchenial landed onto the ground, Arashi landing a moment after and pulled the noose tighter.

“Feeling lost?” Arashi taunted, “I guess we all can’t be evolved like you, but I bet I can still kill you!” With that, she tightened it even further, the noose painfully cutting into Luchenial’s neck.

I froze her legs so that she couldn’t get off the ground with those wings of hers. But I looked and there was no fear in her eyes. In fact…

Arashi yelled as she was flung back by a powerful beam of light that struck her suddenly. Luchenial grinned and began to break my ice-hold on her. However, I expected this and I swung my katana against her neck.

Her body disappeared and I was aware of a girlish laugh that surrounded us, “Well, that was close! You aren’t like the others, I’ll give you that.”

I felt something ominous quiver in my throat, “…Others?”

She smirked and that glint reappeared, “Yes. Others. You don’t honestly believe that you’re the first people to travel worlds now, do you?”

…Other people….

Other Chosen

“Tasara….why did she send them here!” I demanded, my anger getting the better of me. When she just smiled, I shook my fist at her, “Answer me!”

“Another time Chosen,” Luchenial said, “But I believe you need to kill me first.”

“Hmmm….then let’s finish that, shall we?” A sinister voice said quietly.

Luchenial looked startled as a gunshot pierced her shoulder and she clutched it with a cry of pain. She landed onto the ground once more, blood oozing out of her wound. I grinned, opportunity came a knocking.

Luchenial glared at me as she powered up for another heat-searing blast of energy, except she stopped suddenly with a shocked look on her face and fell down. Behind her, Trevor was grinning like an idiot.

“Yeah, you might not attack the injured, but the injured might think differently,” Trevor said in response to my shocked look, “Besides, that stupid blast of hers wasn’t set on kill. We were mice to her.”

I nodded and looked at the girl on the ground. Luchenial smirked, “Fools. Ignorance is bliss they say. But not for fools like you!” She spat, more blood coming out of her mouth. I couldn’t even summon up my previous anger because of the pathetic sight she made.

“Who are the others?” Trevor demanded, grabbing her throat, “What did you do to them?”

Luchenial grinned despite the obvious pain on her face, “Put it this way; how do you think the worlds were ever breached? And why do you think no one’s ever gone into them without Tasara’s help?” She coughed, the blood staining her clothes, “You pathetic fools don’t even know what you’re running into. Save the world?” She laughed, the girlish chuckle making its appearance once more, “Do that once you figure what from what exactly are you saving it from.”

With that, she was lifeless in Trevor’s hands. And there was nothing but the aching confusion that filled the silence between. And I had a feeling that this journey/ rescue/mission whatever will be a lot longer than I thought it would be.


“So, you’re going?” Seras said. A curt nod answered her question and Seras shrugged weakly, “Only if you’re sure,” Then she smiled, “Thanks. Master won’t say so I might as well.”

We were ready. The only person we were waiting for was Alucard. With their end of the bargain.

The white door opened and Alucard grimaced, holding the side of my face, “That hurt,” He grumbled, “Remind me police girl to never go to the dentist again.”

Seras smiled, “I’ll do that Master.”

Alucard glanced at us and grumbled once more, “Why couldn’t you have asked for jewels or money or something stupid like that?” He received pointed glares from all of us and he waved us off, “Fine, here’s your tooth.” He handed us a velvet pouch. I cautiously put my hand in and grinned. It was there and boy, was it pointy!

“Thanks,” and I hesitated, “And goodbye, I guess.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say and I barely got to know them anyway. Outside the anime, at any rate.

Alucard just mumbled something (still clutching the side of his face) until Seras elbowed him and he said, “Good bye.” But his eyes were clear and that sinister smile was back on place.

Of course, I noticed later, there was one tooth missing from that smile.

Me: Woah…
CS: That didn’t have much character action in it.
Me: I couldn’t help it! With all the action and characters and so on, it came up to (check the length) 16 pages!
CS: I think that’s a new record.
Me: Whatever. I think I’ll write side-fics for this story. I can’t add everything! What am I, Hermione?
Hermione: Hmph. See if I help you ever again.
Me: (sweatdrop) I didn’t mean it that way….

CS: Reviewers receive—
Me: (digs through her bag) Kratos plushies!
Lloyd: O__O Hey, wait! Are you exploiting my dad?
CS: (mumbles) A dad who looks the same age as his son.
Lloyd: I heard something!
CS: Never mind…
Me: Review!

1) The name Luchenial belongs to me, however the OC itself belongs to Sapphire Angels Devil. I hope you liked it love, even though I made her mean and nasty!


  • (no subject)

    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

  • (no subject)

    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

  • (no subject)

    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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