"Miscommunicators R Us"

[is petted] I should have e-mailed them, but I kept putting it off. I feel bad.
"Um, so like, this club was formed because we wanted one because we realised we all have some in commons. That is, we don't communicate well enough. As in, um, we're bad at talking and conveying things. Am I making sense? I'm not sure if this makes any sense ..." etc. etc. club

Ah, that's always a problem. (lol me and my uni enrolment situation >_>;) So did you email them or at least try to make contact? Stop me if I'm prying, of course. >:

No, I didn't. I'm a horrible procrastinator and I know I am. But I should know better, honestly. [also, it's fine. no big secret, really]
Oh, this isn't an emo post. This is more like "ogod I suck >.>"

&hearts but thanks anyway