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For Glay so that she may stop her rampage and not kill everyone because there's Kai xRei and no Rei x Mao.
I kinda liked how it came out, so Glay, I hope you calm down when you read this.

It was certainly not love at first sight. Strictly speaking, she didn’t believe in fairytales like that. Just because she spent most of her life in a village does not mean she lived her life with her head in the clouds.

She had friends whom she cared about. There was Lee, Gary and Kevin. And Rei.

There was always Rei. Always standing there next to her, always sitting beside her, always simply there. It was hard not to appreciate that kind of loyalty. His amber would always be centered on her and afterwards she wished it would linger on her forever. It made her wonder truly, what had she done to deserve this from him?

She didn’t. Simply put.

There was something she remembered him telling her, “You’re special Mariah.”

And she believed him. It was hard not to, his voice was so full with hope, trust and …love. At the time, she was too young, too inexperienced to truly understand what he meant when he said that. Sometimes she thought he said as a joke because compared to everyone else, she was such a small person. So easily overlooked.

But in truth, she wasn’t. Because Rei’s eyes would always be on her and no one else.

Of course, Rei then left soon after saying that. And she spent every night, telling herself before sleeping, “He didn’t mean it.”

And she never believed herself.

Did she love him? Days after his departure turned so tedious. Lee was angry and tended to snap at everyone, Kevin moped and took to hiding in the forest, Gary ate less and would always go to train in order to get over the loneliness. And what did she do? Pathetic as she as, she cried every night in her bed, wishing for one more glance from amber eyes that haunted her fragmented dreams.

It was then that she had her suspicions.

When she saw him again, with a new team, she couldn’t bring herself to spit in his face like Lee did. She was filled with a brimming happiness that overrode every negative feeling she ever had. It wasn’t right, she should have hated him, should have rubbed his face into it, but she didn’t.

And later on, she wondered why the pillow by her bedside was wet once more.

It was her battle with him that made her realize the truth. That she loved him and nothing, not even him leaving her could change that. Only that feeling could be so strong, so powerful to accept his decision and respect it and love him for it.

She wondered if he had his suspicions about his feelings as well.

After that battle, he called her outside. Her teammates were out and his were celebrating somewhere. But, he said to her, he wanted to talk to her. Her chest constricted and she couldn’t breath. How did it sneak up on her without realizing it? How could she have never realized it? She was smart, she knew it. Born with a head of common sense and logic, she would have known. But when she looked at those amber eyes, she was taken unawares once more.

“I guess saying sorry wasn’t enough,” He said jokingly, “But I am. In a way, it gave me time to think things over.”

There was a constant drumming in her ears, “And what did you realize?” She tried to sound normal, she really did, but her voice as soft and forgiving on her own ears.

“That I left something behind that I should have taken with me,” He said raptly, “The world is so wide Mariah! So filled with—,”

“You were not content with the village,” I said, hoping he wouldn’t pick up the hidden message in that sentence. You were not content with me.

But he caught it nevertheless, “I should have taken you with me.”

“I like the village,” And there was a tangible gap between them. Breach it, Rei! Her mind insisted, you must, for my sake! Otherwise I might not forgive you, love or not.

“I liked the village too,” He agreed, “And I missed it at lot. But I missed you more. There is only one Mariah in that wide world.” He said smiling.

And he redeemed everything that ever happened to her in that one statement.

When someone asked her randomly what she thought love was, she answered, “It’s gradual and in time, you will get what you’ve been looking for so long.”

“And have you gotten what you want?” That same person asked with a curious smile.

“I believe I have,” She answered.


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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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