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sh fic - four piper/aerrow moments Finn kinda ruined

Title - Four Piper/Aerrow moments Finn ruined (and one he didn't)
Pairing - Piper/Aerrow
Fandom - Storm Hawks
Notes - so we were talking about ze matching bracelets and evilstorm and I were briefly talking about how everyone's (mainly Finn's) reaction to this would "wait wait whut eeeeeeeeew" and voila, the fic was born! Also, belatedly, this is for wrytersblock who bought Aerrow's paid time for a year (c-crazy woman)

1. "C'mon Aerrow," Finn said, pulling him close and slinging his arm around his shoulder, "Don't you think any of these girls are pretty?"

Aerrow surveyed them carefully, "I...guess?"

"No, dude, pick one! You need to get out, meet the chicks," Finn continued, ignoring the way Aerrow's eyes rolled at that statement.

Aerrow shrugs and said, "The only pretty girl I see is Piper."

Finn snorts, "Piper? Man, do you not have an eye for girls?!"

Piper flung a rock at him. It thankfully hit him.

2. "So, maybe we got a little out of hand in Terra Rex," Aerrow said, leaning against the doorway, "Sorry."

Piper sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck and looked away, "Well, I was wrong too. They were horribly arrogant," she admits and they both share a secret smile.

"Hey, hey guys! Come, they're making us action figures!" Finn's voice belts through the corridor.

Piper sighed, while Aerrow chuckled and walked away.

3. "I don't know," Piper whined, burying her head in her arms, "I can't figure it out. The compass just isn't working."

Aerrow placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, "You can do it. I believe in you."

Piper resists the urge to cling back. She was tired, cold and this place was starting to make her seem blue inside out. But those words were warm and he was warm, "Thanks Aerrow."

Suddenly, the loud noises of the radio filtered through the room and Piper groaned and muttered, "Tell him to get that radio working or I'll throwing it out myself."

4. "See?" Piper said, running a hand through his hair, "I told you it'd grow back eventually."

Aerrow grumbled, "I still don't see why you had to cut it."

Piper snickered before straightening her face, "It was for a good cause."

"Yeah, yeah," Aerrow said, experimentally running a hand through his regrown locks.

"I like it better this way," Piper said.

"You do?"

"Of course, she does!" Finn added in, "Dude, your hair last time was horrible."

Aerrow pouted. Piper just laughed.

5. "That was a nice movie you put together, Aerrow," Piper remarked when they were walking down the corridor.

"You think so?" Aerrow said, looking away, "I--well I thought it needed to be said."

"It was important," Piper agreed, "I'm glad you told us."

Aerrow grinned and fiddled slightly with his hands, "I--You're important to me."

Piper smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. She was here and she was warm.

"I know."

I should get back to writing "just rape" and Teito's fic too.
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If I actually watched the canon, I would think this is hilarious. But I didn't so awwwwwww (and ahahahah at Finn XD).
Piper/Aerrow are this weirdly dorky couple who trust each other, but like hell they're gonna have sappy interludes and all. They're just very dorky and cute.

Also, watch my canon.
I'm glad you like this! I'm so nervous when writing these two because I want it to be perfect.
Oh yay! I'm terrified of writing this pairing honestly because I always wonder if I'm doing it right and if anything, I want them to be PERFECT.

Also, Finn is a douche, but that's not new.

You're welcome~ ♥♥
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw ♥ I think the cute darn near broke my brain.
CUTENESS. I like 1 and 4 the most. D'awwwwwww >w<

...Also I watched that Home Movie Night thing. It was kinda awesome. |D I love the ending best okay .__.

Honey, reply when you're online~
Awww....SO CUTE.

YOu're right, Aerrow/Piper isn't really the sappy kind. As you said, they're so very cute and dorky *nods*

These drabbles are really adorable ^_^
Hey, this is soo true!
Aww i do love those two together!
You know, could you do me a huge favour and give the episode names/numbers to me?
Would be great :)