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tactics fic - would you need me?

(for nekokoban . who is one of the few tactics fans on the net ;;)

love me when I least deserve it; 'because that's when I need it
Swedish proverb

when you take something away, you need to give something back.

it's not a rule nor is it divine law.

it's a standard.

So when he killed the tenguu, he was sure to give something back to the grieving master

"I do not want you here," Kantarou muttered, "Why won't you leave?"

"And let you fall to pieces?" Raikou said, "I'm not that cruel, Kantarou."

Kantarou doesn't respond. Raikou's sense of cruelty remains blatant to him.

Kantarou was all of soft angles. The man had no glare in his eyes, no sharpness in his form and no anger in his voice. He flowed and moved like a river, neverending, neverceasing, neverpausing.

He didn't cry when Haruka died.

Raikou was using Haruka's bowl. It took all of Kantarou's will power not to throw his cup of steaming tea at the man.

Youko wonders why he stays. Sometimes, when Kantarou is sleeping, Raikou watches.

She cannot forgive him. She cannot understand him. But he stays.

And she lets him.

"Why do you let me stay?" Raikou asked him once.

"Would you listen if I asked you to go away?"

"I might have. But you never tried."

Kantarou clutches his hakama tightly and said, "Then leave."

Raikou smirked and whispered in his ear, "You have to try harder than that."

Kantarou squeezed his eyes shut and Raikou's lingering breath trailed over his face like a whisper.

He hated it.

sometimes, the world blurs for Kantarou. there is so little in his world that he has so little to hold onto, keep and hide away from prying eyes. He had Youko and he had Haruka.

now, he has Youko and Raikou

the world tips him over and he's not sure who Haruka is anymore.

Raikou likes to touch. It doesn't have to be a person. Objects, people, nature, even the brief rustling of wind in his hair give him a thrill of exhilaration.

But he particularly enjoyed touching Kantarou because the man bent to him easily. Soft, pliable and so weak at heart. Raikou thinks that one day, he would bend Kantarou's body and mind till it breaks and shatters, but really, he knows that won't happen.

Kantarou adapts. And Raikou continues his game as if nothing has changed. And nothing had.

"I want you to leave," Kantarou said sternly one day, "This is enough. You took him. Isn't that enough?" his voice skims slightly over hysterics.

"I did," Raikou said, "But I didn't take everything of his."

Kantarou flinched.

"And I want everything."

And the first notes of a challenge flit through Kantarou's eyes and he nods.

"Try," Kantarou replies.

And Raikou smiled.

so much harder than I thought it would be.
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I-I don't remember this awesome being mentioned, but GO ON XD

Y-Yeah. Raikou is the guy who probably loves to indulge in mind-games. GG man.

:O b-badtouch icon do want.
WOW SMALL WORLD. O__O I didn't know you knew my Kouhai nekokoban! Are you the person trying to get her into Storm Hawks right now? 'Cause dude, she won't listen to meeeeeeee!

Also, I'm a giant raving tactics fan right along with ya'lls. ^___^ Kudos on the fic!
That would be me, yes! she just joined my RP and we're great flailers at each other XD

Yay! I'm glad you like it.
h-ho-shit. shouldnotbetemptedtodoyouknowwhatarck

IS IT A SURPRISE but I've never considered this pairing before... Actually I don't really ship that much for Tactics since canon is already gooshy enough for me but.

Uwaaaaaah ♥

Got to run, but goooood luck again for caaaaaamp :3

this is my crack otp. I still ship Haruka/Kantarou like BURNING and Haruka/Raikou, b-but I love this pairing too.


thanks love~
Shush. >:

I don't really "ship" Haruka/Kantarou - I like the pairing, I can definitely see it, but I don't ship it...? I dunno.

...Haruka/Raikou with Raikou on top?

I also like Tactics. Sadly, not too many fics out there. Good job!