water seeping

"are you having lunch with Shawn?" "...maybe..."

You'd think that after a while, I'd get tired of saying, "Man, that was the best Psych episode ever."

But every single time, they do something to astound me.

That being said, this definitely ranks high as my favourite Shawn/Lassie episode ever.

the ass-slap omg shawn ilu

Also, it's good to see that Carlton isn't still completely hung up about his wife and seems to be making a genuine move towards GETTING OVER IT. Again, more points for love.

but god, serious wibble moment at the end.

Henry - I left the monarch lodge for family.
Shawn - [snickers] And you really expect me to believe that

god shawn you douche ;; but the ending was happy and a-okay.

BUT BEST BIT OF ALL (not counting the Lassie stalking Shawn, the date, Jules being a fan of Shawn/Lassie) was this bit

Shawn: I want the truth
Henry: You can't handle the truth!

I love this show.
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But ogod, I really freaking love this show ♥*

I knoooooooow. It's so good to finally have people to squeal about this show too. I-I was like the only one for AGES ._.
"You're in a safe place. Surrounded by men who love you."

Oh Shawn.

You need your detective. But you've got one in camp now anyways, no?