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So I watched The Black Cauldron and The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detectives. Now you must hear my thoughts on them. Tough.

  • I LOVED THE BOOKS. I cannot stress HOW MUCH I love the books. And I know the movie got tons of things wrong. That being said? I still loved it.
  • Gurgi. OH GURGI. Definitely the high point. A-All he wanted was his crunchins and munchins, guys. socute.
  • Eilowyn is the girl I wished all princesses were like. KICKASS.
  • the magic amulet = magic sword. Okay. fine. I can get that.
  • ;sdj;djf;sdfjsdf;jsdf;jsdf;sdjf t-the witches were so awesome and so badtouch but that's okay.
  • God, the bit when the Cauldron Born were unleashed? I HAD CHILLS.
  • someone refresh my memory here. Was Fflewddur really old in  the books? That being said, I think it's kinda great that they made him old because you very rarely see old ACTIVE main characters in Disney movies.
  • Creeper was amusing.
  • The Horned King was creepy.
  • Hen Wen is possibly the most awesome pet one can have.
  • The lack of Gwydion and Eilwyr (aka angsty bitter Boromir/Faramir clone) is saddening, but I expect they'll show up in a live movie in the near future, so I'm not terribly hung up about it.
  • God, the last fifteen minutes. I cried. I cried so HARD. shut up I'm a wuss, especially for Disney
And the Great Mouse Detective
  • Wow. Basil is an ass. I didn't expect this!
  • Oliva was cuter and I liked her a lot more than I expected.
  • Dawson is kinda hilarious.
  • RATIGAN. There are no appropriate WORDS to how fabulous that rat was. Because he BLEW MY MIND.
  • I kinda like the peg-leg bat.
  • okay. OKAY. So I saw the secrets on FS about Ratigan/Basil. And. AND.  I get what they're saying. The panel where Ratigan cups Basil's chin and leering in? P-Priceless.
  • The clockwork tower scene was beautiful. The animation, the music, the direction, EVERYTHING.
  • GODDAMNIT DISNEY THAT'S MY HEART LEAVE IT ALONE a;dhas;dhasd;asd;h;sdkhas;dk
  • The last bit with Basil stuttering when Dawson was leaving and he was looking so woebegone. I kinda fell in love with it. O Basil you douche.
I'm totally going to make icons later. And then I'm going to clear space on my computer for Heat Guy J (please note this is nekokoban's fault)
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Oh, I adored the books, too! You've read The Foundling, right? :D

No, if I recall, Fflewddur was more like he was in his mid-to-late 30s, since it wasn't too long ago that he got his harp and left his kingdom.
Oh, I read all of them. But the Black Cauldron and the High King were my favourites. 8D

Okay, so they made him older in the movie. But again, nothing too terrible with that. Though he was pretty much comic relief and Flewddur was more than that in the books.
Yay! The High King and the Foundling were my favourites, although I used to fangirl the cover of Taran Wanderer, because my copy had him looking ALL BISHOUNEN XDDD
Those movies are AWESOME.

Basil in an ass because Holmes was an ass.

I'd reccomend you read the original novels about Prydain, starting with the Book of Three, if you haven't already.

Ratigan is epic because of Vincent Price.
Fflewddur Fflam is most definitely not an elderly fellow in the books! If I recall correctly, he's actually a very tall, very skinny blond guy, probably mid-thirties. The way Disney treated Fflewddur in the film is one of two things I will not forgive them. I had such a crush on him when I was wee. :((

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So did I. I love Flewddur Fflam. But I still liked the disney movie regardless? (to be frank, I just loved it for Gurgi)
Someday -- someday! -- I will see the Disney Black Cauldron, because I did so love those books as a kid. :(b Also, um. I GET IT TOO, the Basil/Rattigan thing, and holy crap if I didn't feel a little sullied and unusual for it. XD I DON'T SHIP HOLMES/MORIARITY AND YET ... !

Also, teehee, Heat Guy J♥ I approve, which I'm pretty sure you're quite aware of. :3
You should! I really enjoyed. O-Oh man, I know.

>.> Go watch Storm Hawks at least now.