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Stuff I should get done like...by this week.

  • Buy tickets to Victoria so I can meet Gwengwen ♥
  • Figure out how Canadian Post works
  • Take pictures for dad
  • Get more sleep
  • RP my other characters more (omg Shawn you ho)
  • Write the fics I owe people
  • Be more productive in class
  • Eat real food (s-sob campus)
  • Some more stuff goes here but I forgot
Life feels really "meh" lately.
Tags: cfud: we have zombies, dear myself, meh :/, sadface, this is a revelant post

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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    Livejournal, what did you do.

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    Happy 2014, wherever you might be.

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