water seeping

Quick, someone bring banjos!

I'm tired, lonely and depressed. Also, I haven't slept in 24 hours. I watched Princess and the Goblin, but it didn't help. And there's no online streaming site for Thief and the Cobbler. (Trust me, when in sadness or depression, go back to the good old days. they help)

Today was the first day I spoke to a living person in a week.

I think I'll curl up in a corner and try my best not to feel sorry for myself.

(Please tell me if I'm succeeding because this post already makes me feel like a drama queen)
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But you can't buy the fan-put-together version.... can you? O____O 'Cause, I mean, I'm all for buying legit copies of things, and I bought THief and the Cobbler when it came out over here..... but it's all cut up and voiced-over and it isn't even what the creator originally intended anymore. It's such a horrible version that it's a waste to buy it unless they come out with a refurbished REAL version sometime. :/
I haven't seen the fan put together version. Where is it? Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink me ♥
It's called The Thief and the Cobbler Recobbled Cut. This one guy took all the versions released across the world, as well as original unfinished animation reels, and spliced them together in the most authentic version of the movie he could manage on his own. It was his homage to the creator's original version. Yanno, a version that DIDN'T have Matthew Broderick/etc doing voices that weren't supposed to be there (since the cobbler and the thief were originally mute, and mostly only Vincent Price had voice-overs... and there were NO DISNEY RIP-OFF SONGS). It's a beautiful version! It even shows the bad guy's harem of women furniture, since they had to cut that out in the domestic release. ^^

It used to all be up on YouTube in parts, but it looks like they're no longer available. O___O The torrent used to be available at several sites, but it's gone now. I Googled it, so maybe try this: http://www.btmon.com/Video/Movies/The_Thief_and_the_Cobbler_Recobbled_Cut_DVD.torrent If it doesn't work, I'm sure you can Google more.

It's a full DVD file with menus and commentary and such (all fan-made), that you just burn to a disc and watch as a regular DVD.