water seeping

"till the day that I am old"

  • Okay, folks are calling in tomorrow about my grades. Am terrified.
  • Threading does make one happier. Also, Rufus/Shawn (or vice versa) = o-otp?
  • Latest Psych episode! not enough gay models! but fun! t-though the fight took my heart and stomped on it
  • I'm still incredibly depressed but I'm kinda coping. I think.
  • Counting the days till I see Gwengwen yay
  • I should practice original fics before I switch back to fanfics for a while
  • Still terrified about that phonecall
  • Need to call up the bank
  • I still need to figure out how I'm going to mail Michi's parcel. orz.

Overall, I'm scared of my parents (nothing new), still annoyed with my lack of motivation with uni (what is with me. Why aren't I more productive) and generally again "D:" about my life in general. No more hugs until I  get a grip with myself >|
  • Current Mood: listless listless
IT"S LIKE!! less than seven why am i still awake


(also tell me your flight d-details and I'll write them down and... remember to come get you and. ...yes.)
I am highly unmotivated myself, dammit. :/
... I thought you told your parents already. D:

Okay, no hugs, but you didn't say no petting, so m'gonna do that. ♥
If hugs are disallowed, can I still CHEER FROM THE SIDELINES? I make an awesome cheerleader when I don't trip over myself :(b . . . wait, no, that's still funny.