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Storm Hawks Fanfic Rec Post

Recs! By moi

Letheon - [gen] The war is over, and some things are better off forgotten.
Notes - I really kinda fell in love with this for the artwork, but the writing is gorgeous too.

Intuitive Polarity - [Dark Ace x Aerrow] Aerrow has always been lucky, but this would, apparently, be the end of 'always'. The Talons take him captive, and no one knows why. When the Storm Hawks set out to learn, they may never be prepared for what they find.
Notes - This only has two chapters so far and I confess, I dislike the whole "Aerrow has been kidnapped!!!" angle, but from what I've seen so far, this one promises to be a treat.

For Freedom - [gen] And so almost every sky knight he had defeated, murdered, slaughtered, maimed… right down to the last one, they asked him. "Why?"
Notes - A fic where the Dark Ace's past is understandable. For once.

Five Times
- [finn/junko] Finn feels safest in Junko's arms and is not ready to examine those feelings just yet. In the meanwhile, he's a bit of an jerk or five times Finn wanted to kiss Junko but didn't .
Notes - this is the best Finn/Junko fic ever. if not the best Storm hawks fic ever.

- [piper/master cyclonis] With the dust of labor in your hair, your brain feels at home. But your heart still wonders if you made the right decision.
Notes - This is probably the best Piper/master cyclonis you can get your hands on. Done by the infamous phaeryntao, it's definitely worth a read.

And I Almost
- [stork/piper, dark ace/aerrow, aerrow/piper] Even the smallest thing can start a chain reaction, that will change your life forever. Today Piper celebrates her 18th birthday - and from now on everything will start to fall apart.
Notes - This borders on soap operaish for me, but still pleasant. Wish it got updated faster.

From the Ashes
- [gen] He had built his Empire to withstand the test of time, but when tragedy strikes Cyclonia, it finds itself vulnerable to enemies from within, as well as without. Now the question is, can it survive to see a strong ruler rise to restore it to glory?
Notes - A very nice look into how Master Cyclonis learned how to be a ruler. In that vein, also take a look at An End to the Fall.

A Terrible Realization - [finn/master cyclonis] Set after the events in Best Friends Forever, someone looks back on the day. Written as a series of drabbles. Disclaimer: I do not own the Storm Hawks.
Notes - Okay, I laughed. And then showed this to Keigo-mun |D

Home is where the Heart is
- [gen] Finn contemplates retirement. Aerrow is not amused.
Notes - This is the best most IC fic of Aerrow I have ever seen. It kinda scares me.

Level Three - [dark ace/aerrow] Dark Ace has secured Cyclonia's triumph, but fails to obtain his own.
Notes - Ah, level three. Probably the most infamous fic in the entire SH fandom. We all shudder at this fic. And I have no words to describe it. The experience for this one will only come if you read it.

Lost and Found
- [gen] 5 kids, a junkyard, and an airship.
Notes - This totally fits in my head-canon and it keeps the spirit of the series in its truest form.

Shades - [dark ace/master cyclonis] Black and White are not colors. They are shades. Gradually, if you mix in a shade with another color, that color will be overwhelmed. These... are the darker shades of romance.
Notes - I don't like the way it slipped into our culture instead of weaving its own headcanon, but the banter is nice, the stories are nice food to gnaw on,

The Tiara Debate - [starling/dark ace] The morning after, Dark Ace and Starling argue over values, love, and tiaras
Notes - Just...read the whole series. It's kinda hilarious.

Needs - [master cyclonis/piper] Because the Dark Ace would totally buy porn for his underage mistress
Notes - beautifully IC and amusing.

Christening - [gen] A look into the names of the Storm Hawks.
Notes - This is so beyond cute.

Also, now I'm tired and I'm sure I missed out stuff (I-I went through 19 pages of ff.net. Cut me some slack)

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