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07-ghost fic - Bequeath

Title - Bequeath
Fandom - 07-ghost
Pairing - Gen
Summary - "In dreams, he ran"
Notes - This is the very late 07-Ghost fic I promised sigrunic ages ago and this is possibly the trickiest piece of writing I had to put together. I hope you like it ♥

In dreams, he ran.

He kept running, up walls, through clouds, past glass, into water and fire, his lungs burning and his legs failing as he drags himself further and further away...from what? What was he running from? He pondered this often when he woke up but never did he look back. He was sure he would shatter if he did. And the walls kept spinning and his footsteps echoed like ghostly knocks upon a door, some door that he must enter and to get there (where?), he must keep running.

When he woke up, the dream of running died in his mind and all that was left was the lingering sweat on his pillow.

"You don't seem like a runner," Frau commented once.

"I'm not," Teito said, frowning at his food, "But I keep doing it."

"Ah, it could be a subconscious thing," Castor said smiling, "The military doesn't let people run away from a battle, do they?"

Teito nodded slowly.

Frau flicked Teito's nose, "Don't think too hard about it."

Teito pushed his hand away and said, "I'm not."

The lie was strong on his lips.

He doesn't always dream of running. Sometimes, he sees smiles, shadowed and quiet all around him, veiled in mist and mirrors. They fluttered around him like butterflies, pressing themselves warmly on his cheek. He constantly pawed at their veils and said, "Show me, show me who you are!"

They never did.

Once, he thought he should send a card to Mikage's family, telling them he's sorry, it was all his fault and Mikage, Mikage was smiling when he died.

But he could never get the words out. His handwriting was always too smudged and too crooked and after several attempts, Teito gave up.

He wasn't that strong.

Labrador once told him that he was dying.

Teito questioned him, saying he was perfectly healthy (for once)

Labrador looked at the roses he was clipping and simply said that there were many ways to die.

And with that, he clipped the stem.

He sees something of Mikage in everyone.

He thought he was going mad, but in honesty, he preferred this madness.

The woman in the church hall smiled and he nearly cried.

And he ran--

Mikage, holding out his hand for him

--further along the corridor--

Frau and the other bishops, walking in front of him, their cloaks billowing like phantom wings.

--towards the winding staircase--

His father? The father? Someone who gently tousled his head as he passed by, the glow of the sun burning in Teito's eyes like a halo
--and in the distance--

he drowned...


He woke up.

"And they stopped? Just like that?" Frau muttered, drawing a long sigh from his cigarette.

Teito leaned back, the cold stone biting into his back, "Yeah..."

"And how do you feel?"

Teito closed his eyes and said, "Alive."

...that was AMAZING. Even if you found it hard, it was totally worth the hardness to make it like this. ILU ♥