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I'm getting straight to it

I was so worried that for a moment there, the Chief was going to leave the show.

She didn't and I was happy.

But that's not what hit me hard.

Shawn's mom. They showed a bit of Shawn's mom. Considering that for two seasons, we haven't found out anything about his mom and NOW she shows up, kinda worries me.

And the last bit where he freezes and in a somewhat strained voice says, "Hi mom."? it nearly killed me ;;

Also, this episode kinda shows how shawn deals with issues and emo. And the crux is, HE DOESN'T. He pretends it's not there, whatever issues there are will be swept under the carpet and he just wants to not touch them with a ten foot pole.

Also, am too tired to be coherent to say more but OH SHAWN ;;

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I know! Shawn is so open about NOT wanting to deal with anything that requires the touchy-feely 'cause he's so insecure when he's not able to joke about it or act like a 'tard. It kinda hurts, 'cause it makes me wonder just what he's gone thru, especially concerning his mom.

And dude, such an unfair cliffhanger. XP Summer's too far away!

Also, I loved all the "ran away ten seconds ago" jokes with Gus and Shawn when they got scared shitless by mummies lol. Physical comedy rules.
Which is so bizarre in a way because Shawn is such a people's person and he's so perceptive about feelings and fixing their problems that I really think it's a way of him just not wanting to bother/poke at his own issues when he can do something constructive and poke someone else's. It also explains why he stayed a psychic for so long as well.

I KNOW RIGHT. I was like, "...b-but. that's. TERRIBLE"

ahaha, they're such wusses.
[hugs snugs kisses]

...that's the ending for the last episode of the season? What a cliffhanger. gg production team. =w=

Did you just get back?
yesssssssss just got back [snugs]

And that's the ending for the season. sob. s-shawn ;;
I replied to you, but lj logged me out, so the comment didn't get posted.

Just. Rambling. Nothing special =w= Where are you?
:( fail lj faaaaaaaail.


Back in Kelowna. Me and Gwen didn't sleep much so kinda beat. Also the dorms are emmmmmmmmpty.
lj has been failing lately D:


Actually I meant it as a "where are you? irc? msn?" lol


orz. um, neither actually. can has no brainpower. But I can go on IRC if you want.

It's fine if you're not up for a talk. D: It's just something about that *ahem* thing we were planning to do and I don't know when I'll catch you around again so.
...disowned. Disregarding the fact that there's nothing to be disowned.

soooooooob that's why I wanted to rant