The student council doing something a normal student council would do, like organizing a pep rally or the Homecoming Dance or a bake sale. We should still do the bake sale in camp.
Yes. Yes we should

"It has come to my attention that we've been somewhat remiss in our duties lately," Touga said, setting his sake cup down. Today's symbolic theme was Japan's Edo period you see and the sakura petals were delightful at this time of year. He turned to the other student council and briefly (very briefly) pondered why Juri was not wearing a kimono.

Saionji snorted, "And what duty would that be?"

"Homecoming," Touga said.

(click! went the stopwatch)

"Oh dear, and there's only a week till Homecoming!" Miki panicked as he set the watch down. He blushed in shame (and the sakura petals circled around him like a woeful lament), "What shall we do?"

Juri shrugged, "We could post-pone it. Or cancel the event." She frowns at the appearance of the koi pond on the rooftop, "It's not that big a loss."

"No, Homecoming is sacred," Touga smiled, "It's like Christmas. Or Hanukkah. So we better come up with something fast."

"Whatever you decide big brother, I'm with you!" Nanami chimed very helpfully.

"Thank you Nanami," Touga patted his sister's head gratefully.

Saionji frowned, "But what theme will it be on? And can we finish it in time?"

"For once, Saionji brings up some valid point," Juri muttered. Miki hid a smile behind his hand.

"Do not worry, my fellow Student Council Members," Touga said magnanimously, "There's only one person who will do all the work."

"But, how are we going to choose this person?" Miki asked, furrowing his brow.

Saionji paused (the smell of all the sakura petals were filling his head) and then it dawned on hhim, "You mean..."

"Yes! We shall decide through...duels!" Touga exclaimed.

Juri sighed. Nanami squealed, "That's amazing, big brother!".

Under the kotatsu, Tsuwabuki took notes.


Ike and Soren wherein Ike is an idiot and Soren is his long-suffering boyfriend (Shh, I know it happens all the time)
You mean, they're not like this in canon already?

Daein was a cold, dark country and Soren hated it. But they were very little things Soren liked to begin with, anyway. Mostly, there was Ike...and there was Ike. Ike's family and the Greil mercenaries were tolerated at most. But really, Soren hated everything. And loved Ike.

But that's not new.

"Why are we here," Soren muttered.

Ike glanced at him, "Uh, to defeat Daein?"

"I know that!" Soren snapped and looked away sheepishly when Ike raised his eyebrow at him, "I'm just wondering why we're out here when it's cold."

"I dunno," Ike shrugged, "I thought it would be nice to feel some of that night air."

"You still can't sleep well?" Soren asked quietly.

Ike didn't answer.

"Idiot. I thought I told you to stop obsessing over--,"

"I'm not," Ike interrupted, "I really just wanted to get outside. Really."

Soren looked at him. Ike's gaze was focused skyward, so determined not to look down or look away. Soren felt a deep sorrow he didn't know he could feel.

"Idiot," he muttered again and this time, he wasn't sure if he was referring to Ike or himself.
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A vignette from one of the old movies of nostalgia I've heard you wax on about? ...failing that some dorky Static Shock? ♥?
(okay, let's give this a shot)

Molly has beautiful hands.

Schmendrick knows this because he remembers them for their coarseness, the brittle chips at the ends and the deep blue roots that pulse like stars when he thumbs over them in forgotten contemplation (the eternal wizard's dilemma; thinking too hard and never thinking enough).

She often hides her hands in shame, crossing them behind her back as if it was some ugly scar she bore through an act of shame. He would take those hands and kiss its knuckles and she would smile, a faint glowing thing in the dark, and ask, why do you love these hands?

And Schmendrick said, "Because they are not a wizard's hands."
Something with Dark Ace and Cyclonis? ^____^

OR something with Shawn and Lassie. <3 Hee.
oooh Dark Ace and Cyclonis.

"If one is to rule, one needs to present themselves as someone truly fearsome," The Dark Ace lectured.

Cyclonis frowned at him, "And I should..?"

"You should dress accordingly," The Dark Ace said, draping the cloak upon her shoulders, "Fear is the only way to keep your power."

She pulled the cloak around her and said, "What about the people I don't want to scare? What about the people I want to just talk to?"

The Dark Ace froze for a moment and looked away, "There aren't any. You're Master Cyclonis now and the whole world is your enemy."

The whole world...she thought and gently grasped her staff, "Does that mean, you as well?"

"No," The Dark Ace said softly, tying the cloak end's together at her neck, "Even when the whole world hates you, I'll be right here at your side, hated just like you."

Her hands briefly touched his sleeve and he knew she wouldn't say it, but he knew and understood anyway.

The Dark Ace woke up to pain and Aerrow. The pain hit him first, his right arm burning and then he saw Aerrow's baleful eyes staring back at him from across the room.

"You're awake," Aerrow nodded, "You'll be confined to this room until we get to Terra Atmosia and the council decides what to do with you."

The Dark Ace blinked at first, the pain making his thoughts muddled and hazy, "Why am I alive?"

Aerrow, to his credit, looked away, "We don't kill."

The Dark Ace wheezed sarcastically, "Oh? But you want to, don't you?"

"I don't kill," Aerrow repeated, glaring at the Dark Ace, "Don't make me change my mind."

"Right," the Dark Ace muttered, "So, I'm to be your prisoner?"

Aerrow's lips curled into a smirk, "Pretty much."

The Dark Ace raised an eyebrow at him, "And your team-mates?"

"My team listens to me," Aerrow interrupted, "And there's not much you can do stuck here."

The Dark Ace leaned back and chuckled. Aerrow bristled, "What?"

"I might disagree," The Dark Ace looked at him with all-knowing eyes and Aerrow felt a brief stab of fear, "There's a lot I can do here."

Aerrow frowned and walked out of the room, the Dark Ace's chuckles echoing in his head like drums.

"Young master, please stop climbing that tree!"

"Young master, please don't swim in the lake with those clothes."

"Young Master, please leave the hornet's nest alone."

"Young Master--"

Oz laughed and fell flat on the grass, his back to the ground and his face to the sky. Gil blinked and hesitantly scurried next to him, "Young Master?"

"Hey, Gil?"

Gil blinked, "What is it?"

"Why won't you call me Oz?"

Gil fidgeted, "Because I'm a servant and it's disrespectful--,"

"But you're my servant," Oz continued as if he hadn't heard Gil's answer at all, "Shouldn't you be following my rules?"

"It wouldn't be prudent," Gil said quietly, "And the other servants would disapprove."

Oz snorted, "Let them."

"Young Master!" Gil rose threateningly above him, "If you are to succeed this house, then annoying the servants and not obeying protocol is not going to help!"

"Inherit the Bezarius legacy...." Oz murmured, "Is it worth it?"

Gil nodded, "Of course it is!"

Oz closed his eyes and said, "If you say so."

"Young Master?"

Oz opened his eyes and they were filled with blue, "I think all I want is a patch of grass for my back."

"That's an odd thing to want, Young Master," Gil said, frowning.

"Yeah," Oz agreed, "It's such a simple thing, but I don't think I'll ever have one."

"These are your lands, Young Master," Gil said, "This is your patch of grass."

"Ah," Oz murmured, "I wonder."

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So Jules and Chief double-teaming all the other guys in Psych somehow.