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So I watched Torchwood! And somewhat intrigued, I watched bits of Doctor Who. Don't laugh Nat >|

I feel extremely sorry for Jack.

Doctor - I'm going to leave you in the middle of nowhere!
Jack - But I love you!
Doctor - Tough. Bye~
Jack - ...I still love you!

Ianto - You got a hand in a jar.
Jack - Yeah, it's the guy I'm in love with.
Ianto - ........

Doctor - [attempts to ditch]
Jack - [CLINGS]

Doctor - By the way, you're all wrong.
Jack - Is this because I'm bi?
Doctor - No, you're just wrong.
Jack - ...:(

And then he and the Doctor get caught by the Master and Jack is ...probably tortured for a year (oh fandom, so eager to fill in the blanks). It kinda makes me sad that Jack who is a flirt and pretty much has sexual chemistry with ...everything, get hopelessly fixated on the Doctor. And the Doctor is, well, not very nice to Jack sometimes :(

Also, I do not get fandom's rage over Martha Jones. Am I the only one who liked her?

As much as I enjoyed Doctor Who, the fandom scares me a lot. But I'll probably end up writing fic at some point sob.
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I've never watched Doctor Who, but I agree about the fandom. It seems like an endless struggle of Rose vs. Martha (and though I don't know anything about either, I would choose Martha just because she's pretty much a hotass, and Rose... isn't).
(I never was really fond of Rose because she got special powers and whatnot and yeah...Martha was kickass because she was human and STILL went about topping the world)
EXCUSE ME, Rose had powers for two minutes, she didn't become superhuman permanently or anything!!! And she did what the Doctor could not do, she saved everyone. *fumes because Rose was her first companion and she is mostly loyal*

Martha is fantastic, so's Rose. Mind you, Rose did not at first strike me as all that great. She improves and will keep improving. That's sort of the point, all of the companions are supposed to be amazing.

Rose is pretty! Martha is as well, but I don't like how put together she is, I cannot remember her hair being out of place, which in the Doctor's lifestyle of running around trying not to die all the time, disturbs me.
Yeah, god the fandom really does scare me. Also, I don't know much about Rose! I haven't seen most of her episodes yet. I did see a bit of Martha and I adored her.

[shoot--I mean 8D] Yeah, those are my ships too. As for badtouch, well, one can only guess how many times the Master killed Jack in the year that never was.
Jesus christ fandom, is there something wrong with liking both? I mean, seriously.

Y-Yeah, they were fantastic in "Last of the Time Lords". ♥

Jack is ...probably tortured for a year (oh fandom, so eager to fill in the blanks)

THANK YOU. i didn't watch the last three episodes of dw until recently and i read in fic and meta etc. that jack was tortured. so, of course i had to watch them because OMG ANGST! and then i got ... nothing. just... chains. which, don't get me wrong, are brilliant, but so not the torture i had in mind :(

oh, fandom.

adjsakhjkhsajd. it's not that i dislike martha, it's that i was very very attached to rose. i was all prepared to dislike her and then she had to go and be all awesome >:|

*fallen for martha*

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To be fair, I'm 100% sure that the Master had various nefarious ways with poor Jack. Just his sheer glee over him not dying and being able to kill him over and over again was rather obvious.

Martha is very awesome and I still don't get why fandom won't like BOTH.
Aha! That's my point right there. I didn't like Rose all that much, then I really liked Rose, then I loved Rose. AND THEN SHE WAS TORN AWAY. Rose was never, ever going to leave the TARDIS of her own volition. Can you imagine, the Doctor not being alone for so many years at a time? One companion that will not leave him, one companion he's promised not to leave behind. She gives up her family so she can stay with him.

So when Martha came on, I was prepared to dislike her, and I only got through to liking her using logic. 'See, Martha saved the Doctor's life, she's not that bad, right?' Plus, Ten is downright insensitive, so that generates some sympathy. She is brilliant, trekking around the world for a year, saving the world, but I'm still not over Rose. (T___T I have issues.)I'm thinking I'll be happier with Donna, she's likely to slap Ten more than try to kiss him.

And you know me, I must have my ship. So Ten/Rose - or Ten/Rose/Jack. And no Martha/Doctor!! T____T I want my companion back...
Well, Jack does mention that he died hundreds of times in the year he was gone (when he comes back to Gwen in the start of the second season) So. The torture thing is probably not far off )=
Doctor Who fandom is a beautiful thing if you keep your head down and avoid any conversation that looks like it's headed toward meaningful discussion of any character or plot device!

I kid, I kid. But yeah, the fandom is insane, and the Martha-bashing sucks. I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer Rose, and was all set to not like Martha at the beginning of Series 3, but she's her own kind of awesome, plus her recent appearance on Torchwood has me madly in love with her.
That sounds like a plan!

I kinda loved her the minute she was like, "I had to get OUT" and she was so strong and so in control of her own life. I could respect that SO HARD. Because no matter how powerful a character is, she knew better and she was independent.
*sigh* I agree. (But I don't want to! So there!)

Oo, what did she do on Torchwood? I couldn't get through the first episode of the show - I missed my Season 1 Doctor Who Captain Jack so much it hurt. Too dark.
I've only actually seen one episode of Torchwood so I'm kind of lost on parts of your Doctor Who references, but I agree about Jack. That fool is probably the most "evolved" form of humanoid flirts I've ever seen. O_o Oh how the polisexual-ness will cause fandom havok!
Yes, I super-spammed your post, BUT I LOVE THE NEW DOCTOR WHO AND CANNOT HELP MYSELF. Plus the whole Rose vs. Martha thing gets me going.

So you watched the Season 3 finale? Awesome, wasn't it?! Nat is supposed to watch it, but I suppose she's busy. Please prod her.

...your character quotes always partially disturb me and crack me up at the same time. Seriously, does Jack imply that he's in love with the Doctor to Ianto? Like I said, skipped Torchwood, not interested in seeing Jack's soul be all tortured inside.

You, obviously from the above replies, are not the only one who liked Martha. Here are some points from the unreasonable portion of my brain that may, sort of, maybe, vaguely flare every time I encounter Martha:
a)Does not like Rose, she was there first, Doctor loves her, not Martha, Martha wants the Doctor to move on from Rose. Consequently has that look on her face every time Rose comes up, like 'here we go again'
b)Has the audacity to flirt with the Doctor - doesn't fly with people who are opposed to romance in the TARDIS and I just want Rose back
c)Is not Rose (duh)
d)Isn't as matey with the Doctor, like Rose bets Ten 10 quid she can get Queen Victoria to say 'we are not amused', and if she is as matey, well stuff that!
e)She holds hands with the Doctor. (Rose reserved right)
f)She hugs the Doctor (Rose/stranger reserved right)

So you don't start punting me, here's the reasonable brain part on why Martha is good
a)Hilariously complains about having to work to support the lazybones Doctor when they're stuck in the 1960's.
b)Wears nice red leather jacket
c)Did spend a year saving the world
d)Is strong enough to leave the Doctor, and be honest with him about it
f)Sticks with Doctor through his transformation into a human being (I am so never rewatching those episodes, it makes me hurt inside)
I'm sorry hon, but frankly whether Rose or Martha deserve to be the Doctor's companion hardly matters to me. The fandom is kinda crazy over that, so I try not to think hard about it.
I can outwardly accept this so you think I am a sort of mature human being.

It's not a 'whether', and that's what's dumb about the constant argument and character bashing - they're both great companions or the Doctor'd dump their butts the way he did Adam, and okay, Jack, but that was the Doctor being a big jerk!! T_____T(My pretty, pretty Jack, wryyyyy)

Actually, I've mostly just read fanfic, I have no idea which way the fandom leans on anything. It's Dr. Who, the sci-fi that cheats so much, it's mind-boggling. Fandom is probably too scary for me.