Daphne in the wood (bromantic) wrote,
Daphne in the wood

It's days like these...

No particular event whatsoever.
^___^ I just got my livejournal acount, so I thought I might as well fill it with something...
Don't you know those days where you have nothing to do and you're pointless wandering around?
In boarding school, we do that all the time.

Angy (angevar and I) are net-surfing (well, me actually. Angevar can't net-surf to save her life. Makes you wonder which hole she used to live in) and we watched our school play yesterday.
At least we tried to.

One of our friends Vinit kept on making stupid jokes. I would tell you what they were, but they were so bad, I kinda forgot... ^_^;;;
It was an interesting play. You had a spy, a actress and one love triangle.

Beenthere, saw that, Shakespeare wrote a book about it called Romeo and juliet.
Speaking of which, I'm working on a Romeo and Juliet parody for school and I'l try and let you guys see a sample.

Trust me, it's worth it! ^___^

Oh, and perks for being the first time here. Here's a story I wrote.

Radical Dreamers

By Timberwolf220

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Golden Sun. Or the song ‘Radical Dreamers’

Held in young hands
The light is shivering.
I've come all this way
Wandering along the edges of time.

* * * *

It wasn’t like her to dream about the impossible. Waiting for the day Isaac would come and profess his love to her.

That day was long overdue.

There was the other who loved her as well. She knew from the way he looked at her, his soft ebony eyes swallowing her lithe form.

But she couldn’t find it in her to love him.

She wished she could. She wished she could spare him and herself from the heartache that was bound to follow.

They could have had a happily ever after story.

But that didn’t happen. It couldn’t.

Because she didn’t love him.

Isaac was still Isaac. There were signs of the happy serene boy emerging ever since they saved his parents. But there was no new look in his eye, no new found smile for her heart.

Isaac couldn’t find it in him to love her.

Sometimes she wondered if she just gave up hope altogether. The pain could fade away and she might continue her footsteps from there.

But she couldn’t find it in herself to do that. Because she loved him.

And she believed.

* * * * *

I came, searching still
Without even knowing your name, but
One little feeling
I only wanted to hand over to you

* * * * *

He wanted to help her. He saw it every time.

How could Isaac be so blind?

How can you have eyes and not see?

It didn’t make sense to him. But he didn’t delve into it.

The pain grew stronger. Hers and his.

In the end, who will survive their battle scars?

He knew that his pain had grown as well. Bitterness strove to make its place in his heart, but so did compassion.

And love.

Heh. He sounded love-sick right now.

But this isn’t the way he imagined it. After all their battles, they were supposed to lead a normal life.

They didn’t consider that a normal life was not necessarily a happy one.

He loved her. She knew this, he knew it.

But she loved another and pined after him.

The same way he pines after her.

Why can’t she see that what she might not have with Isaac…

…she could always have with him?

* * * *

Sometimes I catch and hold
love and pain, tightly in my arms.
It will fade away, but
I will remember it... Always....

* * * *

She saw him that night. The moonlight outlined his face, showing off the sculpted features she knew so well. And she saw him with another.

How easy it is to break something you never thought you had.

Isaac was with Mia. She couldn’t see them very clearly, but she could picture the crisp hands running through Mia’s cerulean tresses, his eyes drinking her, bathing her in his love.

The way she had always wished him to look at her.

But that was too much to ask.

He leaned forward and captured her in sweet love.

Sweet love.

Yet, always so bittersweet for her.

She quietly left them alone.

* * * * * *

It has been echoing in my chest
For who knows how long.
Although it's a whisper tinier
Than a drop of the evening fog.

* * * * *

He found her there under the sycamore grove. There were no tears on her face, but he could see the sorrow streaks. His heart reached for her, but pulled back.

She didn’t love him.

He came closer, apprehensively. The moonlight cast a shadow on her face, making her seemingly half angel-half demon. He knew better than anyone the darkness in her.

Who would know better about darkness she felt than the one who has felt darkness as well? They share a bond that ran deeper than blood and love.

It was need that held them together.

He slipped his muscular arms around her, cradling her like an ice doll made to be melted by the sun.

And when she melts, he would be there to pick up the memories.

As always.

She leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. She still didn’t cry.

How unfair is love to let love…

..but let love leave?

He cradled her, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear.

In the end, it was his tears that were falling.

* * * * *

Towards the darkness of the frozen stars
A spinning prayer
May it reach your distant sky....

* * * * * *



Jenna let herself out of his embrace, “I need to go.”

“….Right…” Garet’s arms fell to his sides, awkward and heavy.

“We were fooling ourselves, weren’t we Garet?” Jenna said softly, his voice hitching.

“No…” Garet said, giving her an intense pain-filled gaze, “We were dreamers.”

She gave him a smile. There was nothing to say anymore.

They both loved something they could not have.

But they had each other.

And in the darkness, they wept.

* * * * *

Towards the darkness of the frozen stars
A spinning prayer
May it reach your distant sky....


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